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    Mace Windu FX is in the HOUSE!!!

    My Mace FX arrived today and MAN is it NICE! Nice purple blade, ALL LED's light up, no dings,scratches or scuffs! The box it shipped in looked like it had gone a round or two with the Emperor but the inner box was safe and the saber is 100%. It sits safely between the Darth and Anakin 2005 FX's.


    P.S. If you collect the .45's I reccomend the Emperors mini. I actually got rid of the Best Buy one to make room for it. It is truly a kick *** mini.

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    Re: Mace Windu FX is in the HOUSE!!!

    I'm glad you're happy with it. Must have pics of it too! I'm hoping that with the good sales and major popularity of of the windu FX that they will have an LE release of the hilt for ROTS.
    "I have you now."

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    Re: Mace Windu FX is in the HOUSE!!!

    Yeh, I hope they re-release the Windu 1;1 hilt as well. I LOVE the design.
    I'll get some pics tonight and post'm.

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    Re: Mace Windu FX is in the HOUSE!!!

    i got my Mace FX today as well, its great but did you all notice the sound isnt quite as loud as the ESB Vader? hope its not just mine.
    now i just need the Ep3 Anakin to round out my FX collection

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    Re: Mace Windu FX is in the HOUSE!!!

    DXiRoNMaN: Yeah, the sound isn't as robust as the 2005's but It's still cool. The idle on mine is as loud as the 2005's but the power-up and clashes seem a little muffled. I still love it though. It doesn't lessen the impact of that bad boy firing up!!!


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