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Thread: Battle Packs

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    Battle Packs

    When are the new battlepacks gonna be released?

    i.e. Jedi vs. Sith
    Jedi vs. Separatist

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    Re: Battle Packs

    I would think over the corse of later this year and def. 06 is when all of them will come out

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    Re: Battle Packs

    I found the Jedi vs Sith Battle pack today at K-Mart $21.99 its cool I the fact that it as Obi-Wan's CloneTrooper outfit you can put on him.
    they also had the Vader Evolution set also $21.99

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    Re: Battle Packs

    Can you post a picture of Obi-Wan in clone armor. I didnt care for it from Hasbros pics, but if I see it normally I might change my mind
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    Re: Battle Packs

    Obi-Wan looks like #1 but he has differant arms I guess so the Armor will fit on there, I don't open my Toys so cant take picture with it on.
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    Re: Battle Packs

    I too found this last night. Here's my brief review:
    Grievous-seems to be the preview fig, but with added articulation and a cape. Not a bad update, still to small.
    Ventress-new fig, decent articulation. Welcome addition
    Battle damaged Anakin-great! Decent sculpt, and it's an all new fig.
    Obi-wan-by far the best in the bunch. Mostly due to the clone armor attachments. I reccommend using a clear band to keep the chest armor/cape close to Obi's body. There are small pinholes on Obi's arms to insert the armor and the leg armor "snaps" on. Also, a very cool accessory they added was the LANCE that Obi used against Durge. Now we can complete that scene.

    All in all a decent set. Not 100% great. Could haev had something else other than the Yoda. But I'd still reccommend getting this set. The packaging is great.
    I give it 3.5 holocrons out of 5.

    My suggestion is by it when you see it.

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    Re: Battle Packs

    Really does look like a great set, prehaps Ill shoot over to Kmart today and see if we have anything....

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    Re: Battle Packs

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackened88
    What Yoda is it?
    I'm not 100% certain, but I think it's the SAGA Yoda from Yoda/Chian.
    Move along, move along


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