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    No minis for me...

    Just traded these 10 mini's (my whole collection) plus $250 cash for an ObiWan ANH Weathered LE! What do you guys think? Personally im stoked that Im actually getting a full size weathered to go along with my Luke ANH EE!! Who else has a full size Weathered?

    .45 obi weathered
    .45 obi CIII exclusive rots BSC
    .45 obi aotc
    .45 obi rots
    .45 mace aotc gold chase
    .45 anakin rots
    .45 obi CS exclusive gold
    .45 obi AFBB
    .45 vader anh
    .45 sidious best buy BSC

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    Re: No minis for me...

    Ouch! Oh well, you'll love the Obi-Wan Weathered LE!

    I own one and its probably one of my favorites!
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    Re: No minis for me...

    Seems to me like you over did it a bit. 250 PLUS all of those minis?! I know the weathered is very saught after but come on.
    "I have you now."

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    Re: No minis for me...

    Quote Originally Posted by megaprime33
    Seems to me like you over did it a bit. 250 PLUS all of those minis?! I know the weathered is very saught after but come on.
    It probably ended up being a pretty fair trade. All the current ebay values of the minis plus 250 would end up being "about" what it would cost to get the Weathered Obi on EBay.

    Sorry to lose a .45 collector there Nash but congrats on owning 2 SAH-WEET pieces.

    Post some PICS, DAMMIT!!!!

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    Re: No minis for me...

    hehe thanks Stalecracker. Yeah it was definitely hard to let my minis go, but given the fact that I got all 10 for about $450 total I basically got the Obi ANH LE for about $700. It was a pretty fair trade, I know that if i re-sold each and every mini individually i would be able to get a little more money for them, however that would take too long and too much work, and when else will there be someone who would take just $250 cash plus minis for a highly sought after Obi ANH LE?

    The guy i traded with got rid of all his full sizes coz he has no room so he wanted to just collect the minis. I figure the minis will always be there since they are not a limited run, but the obi ANH has been getting more scarce and going for higher prices on Ebay lately.

    Im not done with minis though, once i buy the Obi TPM EE this fall, I will resume my mini conquest, but i'll probably just go after the standard versions so i can have all the designs.

    Oh i forgot to mention that the Obi ANH weathered LE, is new and never opened with display case, coa, and #968/2500 plaque.
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    Re: No minis for me...

    Good to hear you aren't TOTALLY abandoning the minis!!! Yeah, that low number and in pristine unopened condition makes that one sweet deal. Congrats!


    I'm planning to get my Mace FX pics up later tonight... This board needs more photos!

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    Re: No minis for me...

    Stalecracker, i just got my Obi Weathered LE in the mail today! man its hella sweeeeet!! Ill try to get pics up soon! Put your pics up of the mace fx, im dying to see that in action.


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