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    I missed out. I had to work late today and the early birds and scalpers (yes, they're very much alive and well in my area) got everything. Looks more like the after Christmas sale at the store. The sales people said there was a substantial line waiting for them to open today.

    Oh, well.
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    The store I went to opened up at 9 (rest of the Mall at 10 except Target/Chik-fil-a/Barnes and Noble that open at 8). I got there 9:15 cuz I biked from the gym and left at 9. Got a Greedo, Han Solo, and Baby's 1st Christmas. Passed on the land speeder (just too small for my liking). Got a bottle of water from the store, and a cookie, rode bike home.
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    I forgot these were released today. Oh well, I'm already short several from last year because of poor financial times.
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    I had an out-of-town meeting yesterday from 9-4, so by the time I got to the store I went to last time, they had plenty of all the "regular" SW ones, but no SW Limited Quantity. The store owner called him "Greeko." I went home and called a couple other Hallmark stores: nope, sold out; busy signal for about 7 minutes straight so I gave up; and one store that had one left and held it for me.

    So I ended up with just "Greeko" and Han Trooper. But I shopped Greedo first (Lucas even controls my purchases! ). The landspeeder is just okay, and the electronic TPM fight scene is a little dull (you're right, jonthejedi, it needed "DotF" in the background). I'll look for the Indy South American Idol and Sidney Crosby ones later; maybe after the sales time. Plus, there are more coming out for the October ornaments release (some small 2-pack SW ships or characters, others I fail to recall right now).

    I listened to the Gone With the Wind electronic one, and it ends with the "D" word. Odd holiday greeting on one's tree...
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    picked up landspeeder, han and greedo today. may get duel but i'm gonna take a chance that it'll survive and be clearanced after xmas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    The store owner called him "Greeko."
    Ha! No doubt Greedo's brother. Or mother.

    I went through a similar event as I was busy getting my other ornaments so my Mom is the one that asked about Greedo, which I could overhear, and she was calling him "Guido."
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    I had no problem getting my Greedo. I had to wait behind someone who placed a large order of ornaments on layaway.

    There were only about five Greedos behind the counter. I overheard the clerk said some customers pre-ordered him and other exclusives and they went into the pre-order bags.

    I will pick up the other ornaments about one a month now. It's more affordable that way.

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    Picked up the Klingon Battlecruiser (their last boxed one) ... a few pics in the Trek small ships threads. Very impressive but too expensive.

    They still had a few Greedos but I passed.
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    I also want to pick up Robby the Robot & Twilight Zone TV in Oct.
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    TI, I hope to send you your very own Greedo soon. Take that, central CA scalpers!

    Interesting that one of the Hallmark shops I went to today had no more Sidney Crosbys. Will I have to pick up one of these now "rare" ones for myself soon? (all the other stores have plenty of The Kid)
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."


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