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    Between a 15-percent off coupon and a $10 customer appreciation coupon, picked up the last two SW ornaments -- Yoda and the AT-ST -- at Kohl's this morning at a decent price.

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    I thought I had all of the SW ornaments but somehow missed Jango. Picked him up Sunday. The HM shop I stopped at was out of him but they sold me the display model. Don't know how many HM shops are in my area (there are a lot) and I didn't want to drive around to different ones checking, so I settled for the display.

    Picked up the two Christmas Story ornaments, too. Had coupons for $5 off of ornaments over $10. Thought I'd rather spend a couple of extra bucks and get them now instead of chancing it on Thursday at the half-off sales.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I saw one at Target that had a cartoonish Threepio & R2 set, and since it said "Hallmark," I figured I'd try an actual HM shop and use some coupons. No dice. They don't carry it. But I may still pick one up before they sell out (I doubt these will last until the post-Christmas sales).
    I was right. I hadn't picked them up, and after 4 different Target searches yesterday, also no dice. Oh well; I believe I will live without these SW items. Maybe.

    But I did get an AT-ST ornament, with 50% plus 15% off coupon, at Kohl's today.
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    Walked past the HM shop at the mall this morning and noticed that ornaments were only 40 percent off. And the shelves were still pretty full.


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