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    Between a 15-percent off coupon and a $10 customer appreciation coupon, picked up the last two SW ornaments -- Yoda and the AT-ST -- at Kohl's this morning at a decent price.

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    I thought I had all of the SW ornaments but somehow missed Jango. Picked him up Sunday. The HM shop I stopped at was out of him but they sold me the display model. Don't know how many HM shops are in my area (there are a lot) and I didn't want to drive around to different ones checking, so I settled for the display.

    Picked up the two Christmas Story ornaments, too. Had coupons for $5 off of ornaments over $10. Thought I'd rather spend a couple of extra bucks and get them now instead of chancing it on Thursday at the half-off sales.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I saw one at Target that had a cartoonish Threepio & R2 set, and since it said "Hallmark," I figured I'd try an actual HM shop and use some coupons. No dice. They don't carry it. But I may still pick one up before they sell out (I doubt these will last until the post-Christmas sales).
    I was right. I hadn't picked them up, and after 4 different Target searches yesterday, also no dice. Oh well; I believe I will live without these SW items. Maybe.

    But I did get an AT-ST ornament, with 50% plus 15% off coupon, at Kohl's today.
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    Walked past the HM shop at the mall this morning and noticed that ornaments were only 40 percent off. And the shelves were still pretty full.

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    This is the first time in some time where all of the ornaments for the year look good. Two ornament premiere weekends are July 12-13 and October 4-5. Can't find (so far) what, if any, the SW Limited Quantities ornament is for 2014.

    There are some exclusives, too, for Comic-Con or the NY Con:
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    I've done a little checking, too, Bel-Cam, and haven't found if there's a July preview ornament this year or not. Guess I'll stop by one of the stores and check.

    My buddy who goes to Comic Con every year already said he's not picking up any of the exclusive for anyone else except himself this year. He's always complained about getting the ornament for me when he has. Eh, it's the wampa. I can live without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47151 View Post
    I've done a little checking, too, Bel-Cam, and haven't found if there's a July preview ornament this year or not. Guess I'll stop by one of the stores and check.

    ... Eh, it's the wampa. I can live without it.
    I may call the store to see if they know about the limited ornaments.

    I have liked ALL the Hoth figures they've had; as my standard rant continues: Christmas time = snow & cold = Hoth characters. Simple, Hallmark. While a violent ice creature is as warm and comforting as a holiday character like Jabba (oh, wait), it's still snow-centered. That's one I'd like to buy, but no Comic-Con for me. Again.
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    This was posted on Yakface about the ornaments.

    We are very sorry, but unfortunately we do not have a Star Wars Keepsake ornament available this year for Ornament Premiere, Debut or Holiday Open House.
    We appreciate your interest in Hallmark and hope we were able to help you.
    Hallmark Customer Care

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    I was in a Hallmark store today, and they had the Biker Scout out to view, and it did not have a Limited Quantity label on it. I know there will be ornaments (the wish list shows the ones from the link above), but maybe no "limited" ones this year (and I would be fine with that; just make more "regular" ones available, please).
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    I need to pick up a catalog, just to flip through it.

    I'm taking care of a neighbor's yard this summer, and she's paying me for it. That money is being set aside for ornaments.


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