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    What, the Tusken Raider is really only available this weekend? That's ridiculous! Ugh, I can't even get over there until next weekend.
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    I missed out on the Tusken, too. Unbeknownst to me, my Hallmark store opened at 6am this morning, guessed it..the scalpers ate them up. I'll call around if I get a chance.
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    I must have got lucky then, as I showed up at 9 am on Saturday, and was able to get myself a Tusken ornament. Went back today, and they were all gone, including the display. Someone told me that they had a limited quanity of 5 per store.
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    I go for the early opening every year, having collected these ornaments ever since the first Falcon and Yoda ones came out. I lucked out and got a Tusken Raider Saturday, but it was clear someone had bought one or two before me - and I was only 5 minutes late! Normally it's a bunch of elderly folks and a few mothers, with me the lone young guy in there, but I actually had to squeeze between people, thanks to the setup (and the fact that one person was in a wheelchair and took up have the small aisle in front of the ornaments - I don't want to be disrespectful, but I hate when people do that, then get on your case because you want to be able to get to the merchandise, too).

    I'm guessing the scalpers around here either didn't know, or didn't care, but I hope this "limted SW ornament" idea doesn't become permanent. Scalping Christmas ornaments is about as low as you can get.
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    I was at the Hallmark in Northridge right at 10:00 am when they openned and did not see the Tusken ornament. I asked the sales person and he said they were all gone. They only received 6 for the whole weekend. I asked when they went on sale because the store was not crowded. He told me that to make it fair they decided to promise them to their 6 best customers instead of putting them out on the floor for the general public. How is that fair? He called another local Hallmark and they too were sold out. As I was leaving he told me to check ebay. Moron. I called my Hallmark in the Valencia mall and they actually had one available. I asked if it could be held and they said they would for the day. I was unable to get it, so my wife went over and bought it for me. I thought that there would be enough to last at least the whole weekend. I was thinking at least 50 would be available for each store. I hope this does not become a habit every year.

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    I got the Tusken, Jawa&R2, Ben's Hutt diorama but not the Falcon cause they were gone from the 2 stores I was at (or not there yet like the AT-AT last year)
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    I've noticed that the standard 50% off sales have been less this year; also, I've not seen too many of the 3 SW '07 ornaments. I already have all of them (alas, no Tusken of course ), but still...
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    I wish I would have waited to get the Ben's diorama, and the Falcon ornaments. I bought one set of each before Christmas, and one set after. They had so many left I could have got two for the price of 1. I really wanted to get a second Jawas with droid, but they were all sold out before Christmas on that one.
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    I also used to wait for the standard 50% off Star Wars Ornament post Holiday sale, but unfortunately I have noticed the past few years that it is rare for a Star Wars ornament, to last that long (at least the electronic ones) and have been scooping them up prior to the Holiday. So far I have 7 electronic ones (Death Star, Falcon, Star Destroyer, Kenobi vs. Anakin, Kenobi and Luke, Vader, and AT-AT) - plus a handful of nonelectronic ones. Might have to get a new tree exclusively for them.
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    I'm WAY behind on SW ornaments. Normally, I've relied on family and friends to keep up with my collections, but they've been getting me other Hallmark ornaments instead. This year I received Ralphie, Randy, and the infamous leg lamp from A Christmas Story. All extremely cool, but I miss my SW Hallmark fix.

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