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    Those all look pretty sweet, any pics of the K't'inga?

    Also, any word if SW will have a limited one?
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    Nope and nope, LT. I haven't seen the K'Tinga or heard any details of the SW limited edition... yet...
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    does anyone know if the Jedi vs Sith set is going to be electronic like the other series pieces....?
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    ...from the looks of the base, I'd say a def. YES. It will go with the Obi & Luke and Obi-Wan Vs. Anakin diaramas they've done in years past. The Han stormie looks pretty good.
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    Amazing...all of the main characters done and yet still no Lando! Personally, I'd also like to see a Snowtrooper thrown in there as well.
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    Hallmark's put up some pics of the Landspeeder and others...

    That speeder looks nice... gotta give it the edge over Kenner's

    If I collected figs, I'd get Robby for sure... and the Indy Idol one's kewl.
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    McCoy: What do those super sensitive ears make of that, Mr. Spock?
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    Think I'd rather have the Robby Robot than the landspeeder. My Titanium will suffice. I'm more of a capital ship kinda Hallmark fan. Wouldn't that be cool next year? I'm thinking lights and magic Muulificent Frigate or Republic Attack Cruiser!

    I do have quite a few SW Hallmarks though from prior years. And other onaments like mostly space ships, locomotives, and airplanes.

    btw: I gotta see what your spouse does with your ships at X-Mas DT!
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    I like the Han in Trooper gear, plus the "cheap" little 2-piece set (Anakin and Ahsoka) is always a getter, and that Landspeeder looks cool (but $23?!?). I plan to get the Indy (wrong music playing... the "Raiders March" while he's weighing the idol?) and probably the Sidney Crosby one. A good crop for '09.

    But still, NO SNOWTROOPER?!? NO HOTH HAN?!? NO HOTH LUKE?!? NO HOTH LEIA?!? For holidays in WINTER TIME?!? For shame, Hallmark.
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    Yes...the wrong music but that dramatic cue isn't gonna sell ornaments as much as the iconic "main" theme the public identifies with the character. The Ep. 1 set really looks cool...I have the two others.
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    If there is a limited SW one this year, it should follow the same pattern as being from the same movie, in a closely related scene. R2 w/Jawa get Tusken Raider. Palpy on Throne, get Royal Guard etc. So let the speculation begin...
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