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    Kaiyodo Revoltech Star Wars Figures

    BigBadToyStore has photos of the Revoltech Darth Vader figure on the pre-order page. More SW figures are on the way, all in the same 6" scale as The Black Series. Evidently this type of figure is known for having a wide range of articulation, but the ball joints are obvious and ugly. He also features stylized sculpting (check out that long torso) and, strangest of all, an articulated cape. At $65 and in this style, it looks pretty cool for what it is, but I can't fault Hasbro for not being worried about this taking away from their business.
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    The Revoltech joints were a big deal 8 years ago when they came out. They let a figure be very dynamic and expressive, and hold nigh-impossible poses that you could only expect from a statue at the time. But the joint system hasn't evolved evenly, they can still be large and obvious, and their modular design requires even more empty space around the joint which leads to gappy designs and awkward shapes. Yet they're priced outrageously, and it's a shame because these days there are companies who are delivering better articulation for less money - hell, even Hasbro has at times landed that level.

    Some of the sculpting on that Vader is really nice, Kaiyodo definitely does know how to deliver finer details. That cape though, yikes. The Batman figures have a much better cape, this is very gappy and the joints are too obvious, that is a compromise too far. I dunno, this seems like a mixed bag.
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