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    Funko Pop! bobble heads from The Force Awakens

    Amazon posted some TFA Pop vinyl bobble heads last night; Yakface reported on it, and they were taken down, but someone posted a gallery to Imgur. There are no real spoilers here, as the characters include folks we've seen in trailers, behind-the-scenes video, and Celebration exhibit:

    58. Rey
    59. Finn
    60. Kylo Ren
    61. BB-8
    62. Poe Dameron
    63. Chewbacca
    64. C-3PO
    65. Captain Phasma
    66. First Order Stormtrooper - with blaster
    67. First Order Snowtrooper
    68. First Order Flametrooper
    74. First Order Stormtrooper (Amazon Exclusive) - with rifle

    Characters through #57 have already been revealed, which are all from previous movies. Presumably #69-73 will be revealed later, and I bet we'll see the original big three in there somewhere.

    Interestingly, C-3PO's right leg is now all gold, as it was in ROTS. He seems to have gotten the silver piece replaced, only to need a new left arm.

    I wonder if any licensees will have true chrome versions of Phasma. I expect Hasbro's 3 3/4" figure will be more matte, like this one, but maybe The Black Series will offer a shinier one.
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    Picked up Captain Phasma on Force Friday after work....agree that I wish it had a chrome finish...I mean they've done so with E-3PO I believe and C-3PO. Man I'm getting hooked on these already. Heading to Gamestop to pick up the Finn exclusive.
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    For my fellow SoCal SSGers: Big 5 Sporting Goods, of all things, had Funko TFA bobble heads in their Sunday insert this past week end.
    $9.99 each.
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    I got the first Smuggler's Box which contained the chrome-finished Phasma, looks amazing. Also got the TIE Fighter Pilot, non variant.
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