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    I'll probably p/u the 1st weekend Greedo...I have the others.
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    I am in the same boat as you guys. I have a complete collection of the Hallmark ornaments and have supported this line since they first released the Falcon in '96. This is very frustrating to say the least that after 13 years, I will probably no longer be able to say I have every Hallmark ornament produced. That said if anyone is going and would be willing to help me out, please PM me. I am going to write a letter to Hallmark about this, as I am extremely disappointed, even if these are re-paints.

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    I sent'em a pretty large rant of an email, and got a form email that only vaguely related as a reply. I may try hand-writing it out and mailing it in, but I doubt it'd get any significant recognition.
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    Best comment would be if they don't sell out there, or sell very few of them at all.
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    There is a secondary source online for Hallmark ornaments once the season or year is over. I've picked up some old SW for myself there. I believe it's called Hooked on They may be a good chance after the show.
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    I've been collecting them since the beginning as well, but not getting the Clones doesn't bug me all that much. They're just repaints of the 501st Clone we got last year (or was it two years ago). I'll be more disappointed if I can't nab a Greedo. If they get them in like they did the Royal Guards, he should be available at least for the first weekend. If it's anything like the 6 per-store-only issue with the Tusken Raiders, then it could be a problem.
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    I wasn't aware of them until 1999 (college, had important things like learnin' to do). But since than I've usually gotten the light/sound ship/vehicle and OT characters with a few prequal exceptions. So for me re-releases aren't that big a deal, I want them to get rid of the "bases" that things like the AT-AT, ESB Vader are on and go with more Anakin's Starfighter way with the batteries in the ornament proper.
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    I have a friend going to Comic Con, so I'm sending a little $$$ with hopes that I can get a set. If it doesn't work out, I can live.

    I haven't had a problem in getting the preview-exclusive ornaments in July. Some stores have 'em behind the counter and others have them on the shelves with the other ornaments. I go early and get mine, though.

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    I can live without the figurines, but I would be major upset if there was an exclusive ship.

    I went down to a Hallmark store and picked me up a preview catalog the other day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    I can live without the figurines, but I would be major upset if there was an exclusive ship.
    Ditto... I just buy the ships.
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