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I waited too long on the Christmas Vacation RV too, as well as Anakin and Ahsoka.

The Duel with Darth Maul is a major shelf-warmer as well as (surprisingly) the Indiana Jones "Retrieving the Idol." I bought that one early on. The Landspeeder is also still available here.
I went out Saturday morning and saw an abundance of landspeeder and Indy ornaments.

Money was a little tighter for me this year. Thank goodness for the Hallmark coupons. I used the last one I had to pick up Indy Jones.

Carlton Cards does ornaments, too, and I've collected the I Love Lucy ornaments for several years. This year's ornament was $33, and I only found it at the Carlton store. In the past, I've found it at Meijer or Kohl's and was able to pick it up on sale, but not this year. I had real reservations about paying $33 for a single ornament.