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    Today is now "next week." I'm really just looking for the Lego Vader, I think.

    [edit] The only one I bought was that one. It's bigger than a standard Lego figure, of course, and doesn't have articulation, too. Cool.
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    Picked up the LEGO Vader, Nautilus and the Limited Edition Pixar Lamp. I'm still incredibly stoked that they made the Nautilus, I've been wanting a model of it for a long time but as far as I know the only replica was uber-expensive studio scale model. They could've done a more worthwhile job on the box, though. The 20,000 Leagues logo is like a meager thumbnail that was randomly placed, and it just looks weird.

    Aside from the horde of first-day ornaments from back in July that are in lay-away that we'll be getting out soon, that concludes this year's ornament grabs. The only thing that I wanted but didn't manage to get this year was the Bounty Hunter 2-pack at Comic Con, despite a friend's best efforts.

    Anyone predicting what next year's selections will be for the Pixar and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation series? I'm hoping for Sully and Mike with Boo's door from the end of Monsters, Inc.; and Clark on the round sled.
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    I picked up the Lego Vader, as well. Nice ornament.

    I used Kohl's Cash and coupon and got the Han/Greedo ornament for under $21.

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    Picked up the Slave 1 ornament at Kohl's for $18.14. Had $10 in Kohl's cash and a 15 percent coupon.

    Found a light-up Yoda ornament at Target for $9 the other night. Target also has the usual selection of SW ornaments again this year.

    Saw a couple of the cheaper/mass-marketed HM ornaments at Meijer, too. Looking for the clone one.

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    Perused the ornaments for the first time this year while picking up a birthday card for my niece. Taking a chance on clearance this is tighter than tight this year (fun, having taken a pay cut...). I was surprised and frankly disappointed at how small the Nautilus was.
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    I checked Amazon the other night just to see what prices were on some of the figures. Boy, the ComicCon ornament prices are ridiculous! $130+ for the San Diego and New York sets!

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    The new Star Wars ornament pics are up at Been looking around the Net, but no word on any first-day limited ornaments, at least not yet. The Han/Tauntaun looks awesome, but the Darth Maul looks too similar to the one released several years ago. And it looks like they simply reissued last year's LEGO Vader.
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    I think I'm liking the Gen. Grievous...
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    Finally! After all my rants over the years, they make a character in a SNOW outfit for a WINTER item. Yes, I'd go for four of the five (Han, TIE Interceptor, Griveous, Vader; Maul is meh to me).
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Found out through some internet searching that the limited release ornament will be Momaw Nadon.
    "I take orders from just one person - ME!"


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