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    New droids sets announced

    From Galactic Hunter

    "Hasbro announced Entertainment Earth's exclusive Astromech Droid 5 pack Exclusive

    Two five packs:

    One Imperial
    R2-Q2, R4-A22, R3-T2, R4-E1, and R3-P6

    One Rebel
    R2-A6, R2-X2, R2-C4, R3-X2, and R4-M5

    GalacticHunter's own Adam Pawlus insisted on R4-E1, Bo Shek's droid."

    Sounds cool. I will decide once i see them if i want to buy them.
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    Re: New droids sets announced


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    Re: New droids sets announced

    I'd like to see what these droids look like, since I don't know any of them. Sounds very cool to me, though!
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    Thumbs up Re: New droids sets announced

    Now this is more like it. I notice they resisted rehashing that crap POTF2 R5-D4 in these sets - surely an indication that they think its as crap as we do (if only they could have applied the same thinking elsewhere *cough*wedge antilles exclusive*cough*)

    I will definitely buy these without hesitation - even if they aren't based off of the VOTC astromech sculpt - I was happy enough with CT R2 mould.

    But quick where are the astromech experts on the board? I want to know what scenes these droids were in.

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    Re: New droids sets announced

    I don't know bout these. I've only heard of one of them (the rehashed R2-Q2). These are all gonna be the same droid but with different paint apps. so who knows.
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    Re: New droids sets announced

    Here's R3-T6 on the left and R4-E1 on the right.

    I have talked about a set like this for years. I'm very happy. I suppose the price will be 24.99-29.99 per pack.

    Well the up loader isn't working, but R3-T6 has a clear dome and is white with red detail like R2-D2's Blue. R4-E1 is white with red detail as well. I have other descriptions of the other droids, but they don't say anything about colors.
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    Re: New droids sets announced

    Gotta love Droids.
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    Re: New droids sets announced

    Now this is an exclusive from Entertainment Earth, meaning that they are only available online, correct? Or will it be like the Jawa Sandcrawler, which I believe was originally supposed to be available online, but I was able to purchase it at a Media Play store in my area.
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    Re: New droids sets announced

    Quote Originally Posted by evenflow
    Two five packs:

    One Imperial
    R2-Q2, R4-A22, R3-T2, R4-E1, and R3-P6

    One Rebel
    R2-A6, R2-X2, R2-C4, R3-X2, and R4-M5

    R2-Q2, R3-T2, R4-E1. Can't find an R4-A22 nor an R3-P6. Unless they mean R3-T6.

    R2-A6 was that green R2 unit that was released in the TPM 12" line as a 6" figure along with Anakin and the Pit Droids.

    R2-X2, the rest I can't find pictures of.

    You know what gets me most about the lack of R5 droids is that they have an accurate R5 head already in the Star Tours figures. They would just have to retool it for the 3 "eyes" instead of the two telescoping tube things.
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    Re: New droids sets announced

    Somebody, for the love of pete, post pics of a link! I'm sure I'll get these, but it sure would be nice to know what I'm expecting before hand.

    EDIT well never mind. Thanks for those links. Now who can post ones for the others?

    No R5-D4??? Man, this was the PERFECT opportunity. Here's hoping for a single carded version "someday."

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