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    Hasbro's 2005-2006 presentation details

    From GH:

    Target Exclusive Stealth Clone Trooper.
    Target Exclusive Clone Attack on Coruscant with five Clone Troopers on a Republic Gunship backdrop.
    Wal*Mart Exclusive Cinemacast Darth Vader based on Revenge of the Sith.
    Wal*Mart Exclusive Separation of the Twins: Bail Organa with Leia; Obi-Wan Kenobi with Luke coming this fall.

    The Saga Collection will see the return of the classic black and silver packaging.

    Wave 1: Leia Boushh, Han Solo in Carbonite, and Bib Fortuna all three are new sculpts. Waves will be themed based on battles and settings. All of the figures will have bases with the characters' names on them.

    The Unleashed line is on hiatus.

    All of the repaints that were shown by GalacticHunter earlier this week have been officially confirmed by Hasbro.

    The "Blue Clone" from the 501st Legion will be based on the #41 Super Articulated Clone Trooper, but it will be given a new number and designated as the Special Operations Clone Trooper.

    Unleashed Battle Packs of two-inch figures. Battle of Kashyyk contains two Wookie Warriors, Aayla Secura, and Yoda. The second set will be comprised of four Clone Commanders, different pauldrons. These pieces will be on shelves in December. 75% of the line are troop builders. Sets will be priced at $9.99 each. The figures will have limited articulation. They will encompass the "spirit" of the Unleashed line. Wave two will consist of more Clone Troopers and Wookiee Warriors.
    What's the Stealth Trooper?
    We already know about the Clone Attack 5-pack (gray shoulders, other commander).
    What's a Cinemacast?
    Yeah, boy! The twins! I'm willing to bet that the adult figures are all old, and this is a cop-out to not give us the Larses or Breha Organa. Hopefully they at least include the Eopie.
    We need a new forum for TSC.
    YES, at first I thought they'd just be retools but they're all new! Too bad that the Chewie isn't new, but I hope that the bases are only included with the new figures.
    I don't care about the Unleashed line anyway.

    This is pretty cool news! Too bad there weren't any pics.
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    Re: Hasbro's 2005-2006 presentation details

    I am really happy about Luke and Leia, but i agree it would have been nicer if they could have given us Owen and Beru.
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    Re: Hasbro's 2005-2006 presentation details

    Rebelscum mention a Hoth wave with 'some characters never before produced in this scale'.

    Surely major Derlin is among them?

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    Re: Hasbro's 2005-2006 presentation details

    Quote Originally Posted by Devo
    Surely major Derlin is among them?
    One can only hope.
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    Re: Hasbro's 2005-2006 presentation details

    Keep in mind, this is not an OTC line, as it will focus on all 6 movies, Hasbro is calling it "Saga" but Steve is calling it "Saga 2" since it's been 3 lines since the last Saga item.

    BTW, Stealth Trooper, 3 new figs, and new packaging are shown in this gallery:
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Re: Hasbro's 2005-2006 presentation details

    Of the SEVENTY figures I most wanted made, they are giving us baby Luke, baby Leia, and the blue Clone. I am happy about the droids packs from Entertainment Earth, but to say I am underwhelmed is an understatement.

    The Boushh and Bib Fortuna look decent. I think the Han is trash. I don't strongly object to them putting out these characters since they haven't done some of them in nearly ten years, but if the other rumors are true and they put out Barada, bounty Chewbacc, and Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon again I'll go nuts. Not one new Jabba's palace character in a Jabba's Palace wave?
    How about Yarna dal Gargon, Herme Odel, Vintage Klaatu from Jabba's Palace, the white human guard who shoots Luke's hand has helmet with antlers (and was at the Pit of Carkoon I might add), Shasha Teil Ishi Tibb,
    Umpass Stay (Klatoonian Drummer), Ak-Rev (Weequay Drummer), or Worrt?

    I just hope the Hoth wave has Derlin, vintage Hoth Rebel soldier, Vintage Hoth Rebel Commander (pretty much is Derlin), a better Veers (ya right), Toryn Farr, maybe a K-3P0 without battle damage if they want to repaint things so much.

    But it is now going to be into 2006 before we really start seeing any different characters made as figures. Depressing to say the least.

    There are clearly some things I will buy: Shocktrooper, Troops Evolutions, Commander Bly, Commander Gree, R4-P17, but there is a lot more I will pass on.

    I think Hasbro missed a chance to really hit the ground running after Revenge of the Sith with some characters fans have been screaming for.

    Would anyone like to report on the Q and A? Doesn't sound like there were many questions or answers. Anyone ask about more cantina aliens? More from Jabba's Palace?

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    Re: Hasbro's 2005-2006 presentation details

    I hope the Hoth wave was Torryn Farr in it. All these sound sweet.
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    Re: Hasbro's 2005-2006 presentation details

    Im soo excited about the new SAGA 2 line, the figures look great imo, and Im really diggin that carding! Keep it up Hasbro, keep it up!

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    Re: Hasbro's 2005-2006 presentation details

    I pray Hasbro includes a re-pack of the "Hoth attack" Luke, but without the battle damage and a "Hoth rescue" Han with a snap-on/off hood and maybe... just maybe more neutraly posed legs? Nah!

    And a Major Cliff Clavin would be fine too.

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    Re: Hasbro's 2005-2006 presentation details

    Yea that Hoth Luke was great, if they did to it what they did with Bespin Luke in the OTC, then that would be pretty cool. Im soo excited about 06 I cant wait to hear more news about it!


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