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    The Battle Waves


    As officially announced yesterday, the Saga Collection will focus on characters from across the entire Star Wars saga, and include all 6 films in the series.

    Each wave of action figures will be focused on a classic battle, and include the iconic characters. Look for 56 figures, split into 8 waves, and as an added bonus, each figure will inlcude a bonus holographic mini figure. The waves are as follows:

    Battle of Carkoon from Episode VI will include 6 figures
    Battle of Hoth from Episode V will include 8 figures
    Battle of Coruscant from Episode III will include 6 figures
    Battle of Geonosis from Episode II will include 7 figures
    Battle of Tatooine from Episode IV will include 7 figures
    Battle of Endor from Episode VI will include 8 figures
    Battle of Naboo from Episode I will include 8 figures
    Battle of Death Star from Episode IV will include 6 figures

    Which figures will make up each wave? Not much is known just yet, but we already reported that Battle of Carkoon will include Leia as Boushh, Han Solo in Carbonite, Bib Fortuna, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, and Barada with a mix of all-new sculpts, repacks, and repaints. Plus, we've seen from the Hasbro presentation yesterday that Battle of Tatooine will include a repainted Sandtrooper based on the sample shown.
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    Re: The Battle Waves

    I didn't know they were gonna be making that many different figures. I would hope that the majority of these figs are indeed figures that have never been released before. That'll really get this line moving off the shelves.
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    Re: The Battle Waves

    For the Prequel Battle Waves I'd like,

    Battle of Naboo

    Daultay Dofine
    Tey How
    New Rune Haako (more articulation w/ Neimoidian Walking Hologram Projector)
    New Nute Gunray (more articulation w/ Neimoidian Walking Chair)
    Droideka (transformable w/ shield bubble)
    Battle Droid Captain/Commander (with mini Nute & Rune Holograms)
    Darth Maul Hologram
    Nute Gunray Hologram

    Battle of Coruscant

    Anakin Skywalker : Yellow Leader Pilot
    Commander Odd Ball
    Battle Droid : Pilot
    Battle Droid : Security
    Lushros Dofine : Invisible Hand Captain
    Super Articulated General Grievous

    Battle of Geonosis

    Po Nudo
    Denaria Kee
    Lott Dod / Gilramos Libkath
    Neimoidian Ground Crewman (both versions, a variation)
    Commander Battle Droid (sand redish color)
    Super Articulated Super Battle Droid

    And you guys?

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    Re: The Battle Waves

    We definately need a regular TPM OOM-9, and mini holo Nute and Rune would be perfect. Holo Sidious in Mechno-Projector and TPM Nute in Mechno chair are a must as well. Battle droid pilot is long overdue as well, but since there were more of them in ROTS there is hope for that. Tey How and DAULTEY DOFINE! (I guess I just like the Trade Federation)
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    Re: The Battle Waves

    I am afraid that most figures in some of the waves (Death Star, Hoth) will be repaints and repacks instead of resculpts and new figures. This may not be a bad thing though, Hasbro needs to keep the kids that started collecting with ROTS to stay onboard. Because of this I have trouble believing that this is a "collector" year from Hasbro.
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    Re: The Battle Waves

    Im hoping that Hasbro gives us a great 2 for 1, and makes in the DS wave a DSII Jedi Luke, and uses that same figure in the Battle of Endor wave, unless the Battle of the Death Star wave is just the first death star, and not the second, therefore what I just said wouldnt mean jack s**t...

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    Re: The Battle Waves

    How did I know you were thinking that ROTJ Luke??

    I wouldnt mind a nice mix of good resculpts and new figures. My guess is if they are making new sculpts for Jabbas palace, then why not the rest of them.
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    Re: The Battle Waves

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    How did I know you were thinking that ROTJ Luke??

    I wouldnt mind a nice mix of good resculpts and new figures. My guess is if they are making new sculpts for Jabbas palace, then why not the rest of them.

    Well, Im always thinkin about that Luke till they make it, (you guys feel free to let me know if Im gettin annoying with that too, and Ill try to stop) but yea, Im feeling f**king great about '06, the new sculpts look amazing, Im soo proud of hasbro too. Im hoping in the prequal waves well see SA versions of Obi, Anakin, Mace, etc. to, its gonna be an awesome year if they keep going this route, and I cant wait!!!

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    Re: The Battle Waves

    Damn, this sounds pretty freakin' sweet. Even if only half the figures are new it'll still be great. Here's what I'd like to see:

    Battle of Hoth
    *NEW Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot)
    *NEW Torryn Farr
    *NEW Han Solo (Echo Base) in coat with hood down
    *NEW General Veers with removable armor and holo Vader
    *NEW Major Bren Derlin
    *NEW AT-AT Pilot
    *Snowtrooper (Saga)
    *Hoth Trooper (Saga)

    Battle of Coruscant
    *NEW Anakin Skywalker with Pilot Gear (similar to Obi-Wan)
    *NEW General Grievous in correct scale with cloth cape (super articulation)
    *NEW Odd Ball (repainted Clone Pilot)
    *Battle Droid (Security) (POTJ)
    *Obi-Wan with Pilot Gear (ROTS)
    *Count Dooku (Sith Lord) (ROTS)

    Battle of Geonosis
    *NEW Bultar Swan
    *NEW Mace Windu in cloak (super articulation)
    *NEW Padmé Amidala (ripped shirt but not preposed)
    *Battle Droid (Arena Battle) (Saga - red variation)
    *Super Battle Droid (Saga)
    *Geonosian Warrior (Saga)

    Battle of Tatooine
    *NEW Tonnika Sister
    *NEW Biggs Darklighter (deleted scene)
    *NEW Uncle Owen Lars
    *NEW Hem Dazon
    *Sandtrooper (POTJ)
    *Jawas (OTC)
    *Tusken Raider (OTC)

    Battle of Endor
    *NEW Luke Skywalker with poncho (super articulation)
    *NEW Princess Leia Organa with poncho
    *NEW Han Solo with trenchcoat
    *NEW Chief Chirpa
    *NEW Mother Ewok and wokling
    *NEW Scout Trooper
    *Endor Rebel Soldier (Saga - beardless)
    *AT-ST Driver (Imperial Forces 4-pack)

    Battle of Naboo
    *NEW Holographic Nute Gunray
    *NEW Qui-Gon Jinn (super articulation)
    *NEW Obi-Wan Kenobi (super articulation)
    *NEW Holographic Darth Maul
    *Sio Bibble (EI)
    *Queen Amidala with Ascension Gun (EI)
    *TC-14 (EI)
    *R2-B1 (EI)

    Battle of Death Star
    *NEW Red Leader
    *NEW Wedge Antilles
    *NEW Biggs Darklighter
    *NEW Yavin command center operator
    *NEW Grand Moff Tarkin
    *Stormtrooper (OTC)
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    Re: The Battle Waves

    JabbaJohn I like your choices...except for Saga Hoth Trooper - have you forgotten how utterly crap that figure was in every conceivable way?? He was easily the biggest waste of a resculpt we've ever had and needs to be rereleased like we all need punctured rectums. I demand a resculpt of the resculpt.


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