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    Check out "Clone #6"

    Found this on eBay, and I see has found this as well. Its supposed to be Clone # 6, but is the OTC STORMTROOPER in the card. Real or fake, you be the judge! Im just postin it to let you know whats out there.

    Heres the link:

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    Re: Check out "Clone #6"

    Obvious fake.
    Some moron actually bid over $50 on this?
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    Re: Check out "Clone #6"

    Doesn't the back of the card look a bit odd?

    I'm sure this is a fake. A retarded fake at that.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Re: Check out "Clone #6"

    So if it was never opened as it states how come the troper's gun arm is outside of the plastic? Looks like its a $51 dollar fake.

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    Re: Check out "Clone #6"

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSolo1138
    Doesn't the back of the card look a bit odd?
    That might be the Canadian card back but I can't be sure.

    It's obviously been tampered with because that isn't a mistake Hasbro would make seeing as how the Stormtooper isn't even in production at the moment.
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    Re: Check out "Clone #6"

    The back of it makes me think it's fake. That tape is too damn clean to have been done by a Hasbro employee. Whatever. It's obvious this guy knew he'd get some tard to bid or he wouldn't have bothered making it. $51 you have to be kidding me.

    EDIT: And at that the $51 bid doesn't even meet this ****'s reserve.
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    Re: Check out "Clone #6"

    It's a fake, I'm quite sure, it wasn't even put in the tray right, and the gun is sideways. Can't even see any tape on the back.

    The cardback is the non-US version.
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    Re: Check out "Clone #6"

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    Can't even see any tape on the back.
    Maybe that's why someone bid $50!

    One of the worst fakes ever though, people who do stuff like that should be slapped.

    Though, it shows the ROTS packaging does look better without the horrendous tape.
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    Re: Check out "Clone #6"

    YEAH! Obvious fake. When you're looking at all 4 pictures, the ones on the right (front view and right view) are the ones that give the fake away. You can see the "ripped paper" where the part of the blister was glued to the card back right where the blister meets the card back. This guys camera was too good, it picked up the flaws too well. What a piece of S**T! I hate it when people try to scam everyone else.

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    Re: Check out "Clone #6"

    Man, people really are just as stupid as I thought.
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