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    Anakin Evolution Set

    Well, for those who read my gripes about this set, I apologize.
    When you finally find this, BUY IT IMMEDIATELY.
    When I saw some of the photos floating online of the Ep2 Ani, I groaned at the head sculpt and the Shoulder "leather".
    Finally finding this at a Kmart(Wilkes-Barre, PA) I passed at first. Both Ep2 and Ep3 Anis are floating around with HORRIBLY painted eyes-brings to mind the VOTC C3PO it's that bad. The Vader in the package looks like a swell upper half of Vader wrapped in TOO much Black cloth.
    After Sith Lord 0498 picked one up and pronounced it pretty good, he just moved some of the Vader cloth around, I hunted this down.

    Pause for reflection- I had to call 5 Kmarts to get this.
    Walmart has got NONE in yet.
    Target has no idea what I'm talking about.
    {reminder-this is NE Pennsylvania here, good collecting area}
    TRU is aware, but has NO idea(NO suprise there) when they're coming in.
    Amazon moved the release date(hardy-har-har) to 8/1, moved for the 3rd time.(Hey, Amazon, they're out, get a different message type up...I dunno...SHIPPING LATE FROM THE ORIENT?)

    Anyway, I paid my $21.99 plus tax and was off.

    Killer set.
    Light package, well-done for the carded collector.
    Easy as pie for you scoundrels to steal the weapons(DON'T GET ANY IDEAS), but the packaging displays EVERYTHING WELL...
    except the articulation.
    Well done.

    When you find a set with correct eyes, your money.
    Ep2 Ani is the one we always should've had. Tighten the shoulder robe-leather thing, and you have a killer figure. Saber paint gleams. Hilt fits into the belt TIGHT. Nice articulation, good hand attachment(ROBOAni).
    Ep3 Ani-great cloak, same as above except this one has ankle articulation(hanging from the elevator shaft look!), Ep2 just has greatly detailed solid piece boots. Ep3 Ani, when he has that right arm black wrapping on has less mass than the plastic "sleeve" on the other arm, but it still looks OK.
    The facial scar is noticably absent; get out your Sharpie(thanks, SL 0498)

    Vader. Other than making a 2-piece helmet or a chopped glove courtesy of Luke, this is a great figure. Rivals the VOTC.
    The cape, ridiculous in package, looks great expanded. Puts to shame the ROTS version. Finally, the behind-the-belt cape.
    While there is not saber hilt-on-belt, the detail, the patent leather-type gloves that GRIP the saber; these make up for it.
    Nice head detail, REALLY pastie-white. Helmet isn't as loose as the new Vader Kubrick or the 500th MC Vader, but it stays on...OK.

    All in all, a GREAT start to this sub-line, and 3 DEFINITIVE versions of this "character".

    Bottom line- 5 outta 5.

    Only trouble is, this should be available NOW. EVERY-WHERE.
    I went on a little NE PA toy run today and I say these should be out NOW.
    'Nuff said.

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    Re: Anakin Evolution Set

    I found four of these at my k-mart today (athens GA). I passed on them because I thought they looked too much like figures I already have. And I HATE any figure that has any cloth goods/faux leather accesories...just doesn't look right in my opinion. I have to say that the price of 21.99 doesn't seem to be worth it for three figures. I also found the jedi vs. sith battle pick and picked that up for the same price as the evolution set. It's a pretty good little package deal. The assajj ventress figures is good, but not as good as the clone wars version. The anakin figure looks really good, except his hair color is dark brown, not the sandy blonde of previous anakins. Also the scaling seems to be a little off for ventress and anakin. They seem to be slightly bigger than other figures. The grievous in this is the same as the sneak-preview one and the Yoda is a re-pack of the one that came in the yoda and chian 2-pack. The obi-wan in this set is the best figure in my opinion. The detail on the boots is incredible and the head scupt is right on. Definetly the best looking E II type obi-wan to date. The snap on armor goes on easy enough and actually doesn't look half-bad when completely assembled. All in all this is a pretty good package deal. I'll give it a 7 out of 10.

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    Re: Anakin Evolution Set

    I'm with Darth Alex here, this is a really good set. He's right on about those eyes. First one I picked up they were just awful. Thankfully the next (And last) one was perfect.

    I found four of these at my k-mart today (athens GA). I passed on them because I thought they looked too much like figures I already have.
    Shammy, they may be the same outfits, but these AOTC and ROTS Anakin's are light years ahead of anything we've seen before.

    I'll give this set 4.5/5 because of Vader and his too shiny and too much soft goods.

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    Re: Anakin Evolution Set

    I found this set at K-Mart last Tuesday. Here are some pics of the packaging:

    The left side of the packaging has a flap that opens to reveal a display window with the accessories. As pointed out by Darth Alex, someone might be tempted to steal them, so check under the flap before buying.

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    Re: Anakin Evolution Set

    I sent out my brother to Kmart to find the set and he did along with the battlepack, he said all of them had really bad faces except for the one he got. I have to say I'm happy with it but Anakin's E3 elbows ruined him from being perfect. I also find Vaders helmet consantly falling off and thats very annoying.

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    Re: Anakin Evolution Set

    This looks like an amazing set, cant wait to get my hands on it, and I really do hop they continue the line, and not end it like they have claimed.

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    Re: Anakin Evolution Set

    Great review, and I agree totally. This Vader blows the Votc one out of the water for me: much more accurate paint deco, excellent articulation (with ball jointed elbows, unlike the Votc one), and a great Ep III S. Shaw facial likeness - no problem with the helmet on mine, so that may vary from fig to fig.

    My only gripe with the whole set: I wish the Ep II Anakin had ball jointed elbows for better lightsaber positioning, but all-in-all, worth the money and then some.
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    Re: Anakin Evolution Set

    This set rocks. I hope it is the predecessor for the next sets to come out.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Re: Anakin Evolution Set

    It is a great set! My least favorite is the Ep. II Anakin. Face sculpt still doesn't look quite right. But the Ep. III Anakin is spot on, which makes up for it. Vader is amazing, except for the loose helmet problem... You must get this set!
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    Re: Anakin Evolution Set

    It is a def. must get. I found one at Target about a month ago, and it really is an amazing set. The Ani ROTS is a great figure, blows the other three out of the water. The Vader def. rules too. Even Ep. II Ani is a decent figure. Must buy for lovers of VOTC sculpting and articulation. Its a fun set, it really is.


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