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    Thrawn FAQ

    It is mentioned in the article that Hasbro won't make the Shuttle because it would be a $100 item. I don't understand the price increase. My vintage shuttle way back when cost $20 in the store and that's what I paid for the new one a couple years ago. Same story for the Falcon and the TIE's and the X-Wings, etc. All the prices for the new versions have been the same as for the vintage.

    Now, I didn't buy a Shuttle back in the day so I don't know what the cost was, but I'm sure that it wasn't a Ben Franklin. If all the other prices have remained reasonably constant, why the huge increase on this piece?

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    I have the box for the vintage Shuttle I just bought and it still has a clearance sticker on it listed as: Previously sold for $39.99 RED TAG SPECIAL $12.91

    Whew! $12.91! And to think I only paid $300 for it.
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    Depends on how big a new one would be (electronics,figure pack ins etc) it all adds up so you would be looking at a high price
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    I dont see why there would be a problem, there have been ships that price already.
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    Originally posted by GNT
    Depends on how big a new one would be (electronics,figure pack ins etc) it all adds up so you would be looking at a high price
    But they've actually "downgraded" the other ships (removed electronics) but added a figure and still come up with reasonable prices. There's nothing in Hasbro's past that would indicate a "resculpt" or improved version of the shuttle rather it would be stripped down and made from cheaper materials. The price should still be rather inexpensive. I'm prone to think at this point that they just don't want to do it. Price is just a convenient excuse.

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    The TRU nearest me still has over 30 Queen's Starships on the shelves (they refure to lower the price below $49.99!); that was one bust of a $100 item, for sure. Hasbro apparently doesn't want to take that kind of a chance on overstocked inventory. I'd pay no more than $50 for an Imp. Shuttle; and it better not come with an "exclusive" gray-gloved Imperial Scanning Trooper or something! Ahem.
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