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    Re: What have you found?

    I live in Georgia, metro area. I haven't found stuff too often until the last week and I've found alot. The last time before then was at least a month ago. Targets suck around here, I got the Ani Evolution set and I've seen numerous 500 Vaders but I'm not ready to pick that up yet. I haven't seen a new figure there in ages. Everyone is talking about finding new stuff there and all the Targets in my area have done their resets and nothing new. I really want the red royal guards but no luck yet.

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    Re: What have you found?

    I went to 4 Wal-marts 2 Targets 2 TRU's and found no new figures I have yet to see anything form the Tarkin wave up really sucks. But I did find the Wookie Flyer at TRU.

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    Talking Re: What have you found?

    Houston, Texas here again...

    before the start of the weekend most of our Wal-marts have received their Titanium gift sets and also the Wave 3 of the series as well. Also they have received the Sith vs. Jedi Battle Packs.

    also some of the TRU in the area are receiving the repaints of the clone pilots and commanders along with the Bacara case assortment of figs.

    all of the TRU so far have received the green variation 3 pack clone deluxe.

    Good Luck,

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    Re: What have you found?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jedibill
    I went to 4 Wal-marts 2 Targets 2 TRU's and found no new figures I have yet to see anything form the Tarkin wave up really sucks. But I did find the Wookie Flyer at TRU.
    Glad to know it is not just me.

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    Re: What have you found?

    Nothing, but I do like the fact that there is interest in the figures. It seems like with the EPII figures, there was a lot sitting around at my store, at least now they are moving fairly well, even though they keep putting new figures in with older figures. We got some of the Vaders in, which delighted kids and parents.
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    Re: What have you found?

    Everything is still very dry here haveen't see any new figures but when I went to a flea market even the shock troopers were gone and the guy is a big rip-off. So hopefully I'll find four of them before Septemeber.


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    Re: What have you found?

    in k.c. area found #56 this morning at wm. now have all except clone pilot and anakin variants. still looking for tru obi-wan starship, evolutions and battle packs except for anakin and jedi vs. sith.

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    Re: What have you found?

    Finally found the new Unleashed figures at TRU today...unfortunately, they had no Palpy/Yoda's, and since Amazon STILL hasn't shipped my order, I was pretty disappointed. Went to Target this evening, and found just one Asajj sitting on the shelf.

    Also in TRU, I found remnants of the Bacara case, but Anakins were all gone. Only had the white clones, as this wasn't the repaints case. However, someone had stashed two Bacara's and 10 clones on the bottom shelf behind some 12" OTC Luke's - which I promptly put back on the pegs. They had one case of the deluxe figs, with one clone 3-pack w/ green clone, but I left these, too. Still no sign of the AT-RT driver or the clone repaints - thanks to ebay, I got one Shocktrooper for under $16 (not too bad considering what shiping costs online from amazon), so at least I've got ONE of them.

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    Re: What have you found?

    Went to Super-Walmart tonight and was greeted with what looked like the same old same old, then I spotted a single Obi-Wan Red leader pilot. It was the only "new" figure I saw on the whole run, but I aint complainin'.

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    Re: What have you found?

    I actually found 5 AT-RT drivers at Wal-Mart two days ago, and also Obi-Wan Red leader. One of the AT-RT drivers had a distinctively different helmet--he had a white "snout," for lack of a better description. Also saw a few SA clones and a couple of AT-TE gunners. Still no shock troopers though.


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