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    What have you found?

    What I want to know, is if one part of the country is better for getting figs than another part. Almost everyone seems to be complaining that they can't find the new stuff that has come out(i.e. Tarkin wave, clone three packs,evolution sets ,etc.). What I wanted to know, is what people have found(From the Tarkin wave and on), and what state they are in, just to see if some areas are better than others.

    I am in Connecticut,and have seen nothing new in weeks. I still have not seen the Tarkin wave,clone three packs, evolution sets, nothing. I did happen to find one 500 Vader, at ToysRus of all places.

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    Re: What have you found?

    I work in ToysRUS and so far Ive found Tarkin, Clone Three, 500 Vader, Evolution in Kmart, NO Bacara. I live in NJ and I just think the problem is getting them before everyone else, not that they don't show up. Oviously different parts of the country some things are in more supply then others.

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    Re: What have you found?

    I Have Found Up To Bacara And R2. A White And A Red 3-pack.darth Evolutions. Very Few And Far Between. Seen These Once And Then Gone.

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    Re: What have you found?

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    Re: What have you found?

    I hate to rub it in, but out here in California we've seen everything that's been mentioned -

    Tarkin wave
    Bacara wave
    Clone 3-packs (White, Red, Blue AND Green)
    500th Vader
    Evolutions - Anakin
    Battlepack - Jedi vs Sith

    We ARE the first stop coming over from Asia, so that probably explains why we see a lot of stuff first. Plus, I live in Los Angeles, which is a HUGE retail market, so the stores around here order more merchandise than say...Nebraska (no offense to any Cornhuskers out there.)

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    Re: What have you found?

    North Shore Massachusetts

    Bacara wave: KB Toyworks
    Clone 3-packs: (Blue=, although I didn't look for variances as I thought they were all white) KB Toyworks
    500th Vader: KB Toyworks (but I didn't buy it not interested)
    Evolutions - Anakin: K-Mart
    Battlepack - Jedi vs Sith: K-Mart

    I agree you just have to head out when the stuff is released and grab it if you really want it (I know this violates my chisler image from previous posts, but I'm not taking the chance on missing out on some really good stuff they are making). Make the regular runs to Target, TRU, KB (yes KB!!!, and they are having the buy 1 get 1 50% off sale until 7/27 which gets you down to the Walmart/Target prices and you don't feel like they are porking you), Walmart. Only went to K-Mart for the Jedi vs. Sith set and ended up getting it and the anakin evolutions.

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    Re: What have you found?

    I've only seen the tarkin wave once and that was at a wal-mart in southwest va. about 5 weeks ago...I found the crispy anakin/bacara/r2 wave at a wal-mart in daytona fla...I also found the only three pack of clone troopers that I've ever seen there...and the other day i found the jedi vs sith pack and evolution anakin at my k-mart (athens, ga) whenever I ask wal mart or target they say that the first of august is when they're getting new stuff.

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    Re: What have you found?

    I found the Tarkin wave over a month ago. Since then, I've seen nothing else... no Bacara, no clone 3 packs, no evolutions, no battle packs, nothing over the Bacara wave (obviously), no 500th Vader, no Clone Pilot black variant... NOTHING! It's like Star Wars has fallen off of the radar.
    When I hear of all of the things that Hasbro is coming out with, I would normally get excited, but instead I have anxiety because I know how much of a hassle it will be to find anything and everything.
    I've called stores bright and early in the morning when they open (as I can not physically get to them when the open since I leave my house before 7AM for my morning commute), and they haven't seen any of this stuff. If they have, like the Bacara wave, they say it was gone as soon as they opened, but the Battle Packs, Evolutions, etc... nothing. I've gone by stores when I get out of work, on lunch, and on the weekends (I'm talking about 3 TRU's, a KB, 3 Wal*Marts, 4 Targets, and 2 Meijers), and they say that they just aren't getting the figures. They have too many of the remaining figures from the stupid Wookie Warrior wave, and the Lightsber Palpy wave. TRU's say that they have received the 500th Vader, but it's gone before they can actually get the figures to the shelves... the collectors and scalpers that come in at opening take them. They say it's the same people over and over again, buying multiples of the same stuff.

    What pi**es me off the most is the thought that this stuff is out there, that it is hitting stores, but that it's not available for purchase because of scalpers. It pi**es me off to think that I'm not getting to the stores early enough to get these items. I'm losing my interest in STAR WARS because of sh*t heads like that (the ones who buy up everything so they can resell it for a profit). I can't stand those bastards.

    You don't see this problem with anything else in my area. I've seen other threads that list other toy lines that are hard to find, and STAR WARS seems to be the hardest to find in my area. I just don't get it. I don't understand how a store can have 20 Star Wars figures on the pegs, have 10-15 open pegs with NOTHING on them, and NOT get anything in to restock. If they are getting boxes in to restock, then I can't believe that they would sell out of that many figures in a day. Remember, I call EVERYDAY!
    Also, the online stores that do have resonable prices... of course I mean prices that are only about $1-$2 over store prices (,,, etc), don't have anything in stock either.
    So, to answer your question, after my raging, the Western suburbs of Chicago don't have Sh*t!

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    Re: What have you found?

    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchyNug
    We ARE the first stop coming over from Asia, so that probably explains why we see a lot of stuff first. Plus, I live in Los Angeles, which is a HUGE retail market, so the stores around here order more merchandise than say...Nebraska (no offense to any Cornhuskers out there.)
    Ah, you turd!

    Around here things pop up and then disappear, the Bacara wave being a prime example of that. I seen it one day, went back to the store about three days later and there was no trace of it. Go back about three days after that and i stumble upon them again. I think location is a big factor in what all pops up, plus the amount of time one can dedicate to the hobby. Someone who can hit the stores every day will get more than someone who can only go once a week or so. Right here in Omaha, Nebraska, there seems to be a decent amount of things that have hit, the biggest problem is just running into it when it has arrived.
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    Re: What have you found?

    Report from Ohio

    Tarkin Wave twice (At two seperate Meijer stores)
    Baccara Wave once (Meijer again)
    Ani/Vader Evolutions once (K-Mart)
    Battle pack Jedi/Sith once (K-Mart)
    Target glasses (Han, Yoda & Boba) Once

    No 500 Vader. No Clone 3 packs.

    It's been slim pickin's to say the least. Walmart, TRU & Target have been devoid of new stuff since late May. It's quite pathetic.

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