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We ARE the first stop coming over from Asia, so that probably explains why we see a lot of stuff first. Plus, I live in Los Angeles, which is a HUGE retail market, so the stores around here order more merchandise than say...Nebraska (no offense to any Cornhuskers out there.)
Ah, you turd!

Around here things pop up and then disappear, the Bacara wave being a prime example of that. I seen it one day, went back to the store about three days later and there was no trace of it. Go back about three days after that and i stumble upon them again. I think location is a big factor in what all pops up, plus the amount of time one can dedicate to the hobby. Someone who can hit the stores every day will get more than someone who can only go once a week or so. Right here in Omaha, Nebraska, there seems to be a decent amount of things that have hit, the biggest problem is just running into it when it has arrived.