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    Re: What have you found?

    Quote Originally Posted by jimmymiro12
    But just so everyone knows if target has not gotten anything new don't worry because on August 1 they will updat they toy department.
    Yea, when I found my figs earlier the Toy Department was layed out completely different. The Star Wars section was smaller than before, which is understandable, but everything was organized and layed out much better. Plus they had new figures out so I'm not going to complain. I just hope they do something with the Wal-Mart here, it is a mess.

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    Re: What have you found?

    You need to start checking your Targets , they are resetting and putting out 51-52-53 lmk if u need help

    Quote Originally Posted by jaxx
    Still deperately searching for the Antilles wave and the black Clone Pilot. Also looking for the Mustafar Sentry.

    I haven't seen the Antilles wave anywhere. It seems like they just jumped right from the Tarkin wave to the Obi Wan wave in my area.

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    Re: What have you found?

    I last checked on Monday. Wal-Mart was down to 16 figures that I could see. TRU didn't have anything new, and it is still spread out between the display at the front of the store and the usual section in back. Target had quite a few figures. It actually looked like maybe more had been put out, but nothing new that I saw. I noticed a bunch of #36 Grievous that I'm not sure were there before. I'll be checking again tomorrow to see what's out there.

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    Re: What have you found?

    Finally found some new stuff today...of course, AFTER I spent the equivalent of a 4th figure in shipping costs by getting the Antilles wave off of Amazon. Anyway, I went to a Target in Jersey that had nothing but Neimoidian Warriors and TONS of the Antilles wave, including the Tank Gunner and one Red Guard, which I left since I already have two. I know he's only one per case, while the Gunners are 2, but while they only had he one guard, there had to be at least 30-40 Tank Gunners to go along with all the Antilles, Zett's, and Utapauans. Unfortunately, they had nothing else there.

    I went to KB shortly after, and found one Obi-Wan #55 staring right at me. Got that one, but no sign of the Clone repaints or the AT-RT Driver (Mustafar Sentry isn't in this case). One of the employees actually asked me which ones I was looking for, but sure enough, I got to find out that had I only stopped in YESTERDAY, I could have gotten a Shocktrooper before they "all sold out" - and judging by the large numbers of #41 Clones on the pegs (shipping 1 per just like the repaints), I'd say they must have had quite a few of the Red clones.

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    Re: What have you found?

    I still haven't found anything. After checking 2 Targets and a TRU. I'm starting to get fed up. Any help here would be hot...
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    Re: What have you found?

    I talked to the lady in toys today when i was making my way into work (WM) and she said that "these figures have been deleted!" and pointed ot the SW figures. I'm not sure if she meant the figures that are still warming the pegs or what, but still, odd news.

    nothing new around here. STILL waiting for my EE cases.
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    Re: What have you found?

    Target for me this week has been restocking...I have found:

    500th Vader
    Bacara wave (nice fig)
    Antilles wave (the 'Eh' wave) - with one red guard
    Wookie Flyer
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    Re: What have you found?

    just found in missouri at one of my wm's, #54,#55, several red #6, & several green #33. all other wm's are near empty. found #51,#52,#53 at target. after several weeks & lots of miles, finally new stuff here in MO!!!!!!

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    Re: What have you found?

    Three Wal-Marts in my area stocked today. Got the Shocktrooper, AT-RT driver, and Pilot Obi-Wan, plus some SA Clones. Didn't see any green clone commanders though. I also found the 500th Vader and Jedi v. Sith Battlepack @ Target yesterday.
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    Re: What have you found?

    Went searching today. Wal-Mart, which had nearly nothing on Monday, had full pegs today. They had #51 - #53, so I got Antilles, Zett, and two Utapaun Warriors. I saw some Red Guards and AT-TE gunners as well, but I already have two of each of those.

    Target had moved their Star Wars stuff over one aisle. A fair number of figures there, but nothing new. I did find one Jedi vs. Sith battle pack so I got that.

    Toys R Us looks like they must have got in some deluxe figures. I found a clone trooper three pack with the green clone. While I was in the video game section, an employee saw me with the SW item and asked if I collect. He said that Wal-Mart had had the clone variations this week. He also said Target had had the Anakin Evolution and 500th Vader. Looks like I missed out on all of those for now.


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