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    Re: What have you found?

    Found an exclusive blue obi wan starfighter. I would be willing to trade for some figures! Still have not found 45-56...only with the exceptions of antilles and utapaun warrior. I still need all of the paint variants. Just PM me if you can help. I am frustrated. And don't forget about that starfighter for trade. Will trade for six figures that I need.

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    Re: What have you found?

    Cruised to my Super Wallmart @ 10p and actually found:

    One Obi Wan Pilot (best Obi wan fig ever)
    Two Green Clone Commanders
    One At-Rt Driver
    Several SA clones and one white clone #6
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    Re: What have you found?

    I found the Wookie-Copter (The Wookie figure is HUGE). That, sadly, is about it. No figures above #50. No repaint clones. No 500 Vaders. Zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

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    Re: What have you found?

    I also found the Wookie Copter. The one thing I don't like is the wookie is stuck in the sitting position. I don't see any points of articulation at his knees or hips.
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    Re: What have you found?

    There arent Frett. He is stuck like that, always hoping someone needs a ride.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Re: What have you found?

    Well out here on Long Island I have seen very little in the way of new figures, but the ones that I have been able to find I have snatched up (and there weren't that many to begin with).

    I've seen R2, Bacara, and Crispy Anakin from the Tarkin wave. Obi-Wan Red Leader, Mustafar Warrior (or is it sentry?) and the Turbo Tank driver.

    Thats it. No more, no less.

    And what is all this talk of repainted #6 clones, and clone pilots? Are these repaints going to be a completely different numbered figure or are they going to be the same number as there original counterpart?
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    Re: What have you found?

    Quote Originally Posted by KIDD
    You need to start checking your Targets , they are resetting and putting out 51-52-53 lmk if u need help
    I checked mine out on Sat. since I was tipped off about the pending reset. It was crapola. They crammed their 100+ Neimoidians into half the space, meaning that there will be no new basic figs for sometime. The Ani Evolution was put out but it looks like a waste of plastic to me. Also found the build it yourself lightsaber (meh) and Jedi vs. Sith ($25?! hell no!). The only thing they had I was interested in was the 500 Vader. I don't know why I bought it for $15, I guess it was to keep from going home empty handed.

    I did finally get the Zett wave. Went to a WM and my son stumbled across an end cap with tons of figures on shelves, not pegs. They had tons of the Zett wave figures and AT-TEs. I was so happy, I paid off his Crab Droid in layaway for him.

    I've also found the green 33, red 6, and black 34 but not the AT-RT or Pilot OB1.
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    Re: What have you found?

    Well This Weekend Took Most Of My Money But I Did Score A Few. Obi Fighter,wookie Copter,ani Evolution,jedi Vs Sith And 6 White #41 Clones. At First Was Very Excited About #41 Just Saw The Pakage And Thought It Was Gree But No Luck. Anyway Spent Plenty And Still Did Find The Clones I Was Looking For.

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    Re: What have you found?

    Finally found the Turbo Tank Driver and the Red leader Obi yesterday in Walmart. Was surprised to find new product as the Walmart by me has been dry since the middle of June. Still no Tarkin wave or any of the other figures that are in the the red leader wave.
    Today at Target was able to pick up the Utapau Security, Captain Antilles and Zett Jukassa.

    The wierd thing about both days was the amount of Vader's and Palpatine's, as well as SA Clone's and AT-TE Gunners. Strange when everyone wants them they are no where to be found and then when you finally cave in and pay scalper prices they show up.
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    Re: What have you found?

    I found 51-53 this morning as well as the Jedi vs Sith Battle pack. Nothing beyond 53 or repainted clones though
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