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    My 0.2; I think it may look nicer if you bevelled the corners of the arms too - what do you think VTJT Designconsortium ?


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    Thumbs up whaddoo i think? that yer suggestion's worth exactly its price ;)

    meanwhile, i gotta thank shinky for comin thru on both monetary and trade ends of our exchange, including jdah's $2 r2 w/hoeia lmk when you recieve your pkg shinky, it shoulda got there by now

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    VT: Your package arrived today and everything is great. I'm actually surprised you got mine before I got yours. I got kind of lazy and sent it out only a few days ago. I figured the delivery would have been delayed from all that has been going on. I'm glad to hear everything arrived fine. The only thing I didn't like was that I got bad luck on my gamble, the TIE Interceptor turned out to be the lighter blue version. No big deal it is one of my favorite AFs so I don't mind having another loose one. Maybe I'll hang it from my rear view mirror, I wanted to hang a Millennium Falcon but I've never gotten around to getting an extra one. I am very happy to finally have a loose Droid Control Ship, hopefully I'll soon be able to finish off my loose EP1 AF collection.


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    Exclamation has someone else here already mentioned this?

    today, at the same antique/indoor fleamarket in which i did a bit of out-of-season huntin (& sighted several of the things reported in hunt thred), there was a sw collectibles book- just published, judging from the ep2 toys featured. anyhoo i flip to the mm section & notice it was authored by a guy otherwise known as the one named in the title of this very thred
    i Would offer him my congrats, except i'm too busy pouting cuz he Still hasn't made good on his half of the trade he & i arranged several Months ago ahem ahem ahem

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    VT: Sorry it's taking so long to get them out to you. Everytime I think of it the thought of individually wrapping each one causes me to put it off. I will get them to the PO by Friday. Very sorry for the delay, you've been much more patient than I probably would have been.

    BTW, was it the book or the mag you saw?


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    Wink hmm, maybe i should make you Wait for the answer to that quextion

    don't mind me, i'm just makin sure you haven't forgotten book em dano

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    S43!!.....Todd and I have been looking for you. You OK or just busy?
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    Hmm, I haven't gotten any messages. LMK what's up.


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    VT: I finally sent out your package yesteray so you should have it soon. I also included a lot of extra MMs for the long delay. Sorry about that.


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    Talking xtra mms you say??

    if that's the result, feel free to delay my pkgs anytime you want :happy:


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