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    , I'll keep that in mind next time


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    Exclamation while we on the subject of delayed pkgs. . .

    . . .in case he reads this dc might be interested to know that since i was goin by post orifice today anyway i Finally sent him his trade items (after waiting Forever to hear from him if there was anything else i could enclose to make the trade more equitable ) re the hallmark control ship "mm", while i did impeccably drill a precision mm stand hole in the sphere's underside as requested, i left the hanging eyelet in the top so you can decide for yourself whether to remove it. i did from mine, and all it takes is a lil twist-pull w/needlenose pliers
    btw, both the dc sebulbapod and the control ship will soon be very much in fashion (sebulbapod for halloween week and controlship in mid/late november)- around here anyway

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    Question hmm, i wonder if dc got his pkg yet, haven't hurd

    meanwhile, i got s43's pkg 45 mm ships plus the contents of an sst pack (minus the tac fighter)! as per the trade i brokered between him & b'jr, here's the ship assortment (list cobbled from our emails, hence inconsistent caps ):
    swmm set 1 (tie int/rbr/isd)
    2 Millennium Falcons
    2 Executors
    Hound's Tooth
    Stinger (bjr'll be esp. happy about these last 3, he digs dem shipz )
    Star Destroyer
    2 Rebel Transports
    Mon Cal Cruiser
    Mon Cal Rebel Cruiser
    Escape Pod
    cardie galor
    Vor'Cha Attack Cruiser
    Death Star II
    Cloud City
    TIE Bomber
    Deep Space 9
    Lars Family Speeder
    2 non-hms Klingon BOPs, both different shades of green
    Borg Cube
    2 Y-Wings
    2 DV TIE Fighters
    but uh oh! cuz of our deal's complexity maybe he got confused & forgot to include a few other specifried items:
    add'l TIE Interceptor
    add'l Star Destroyer
    trilogy 3-packs 10 & 11 (lars/ds2/t16 & ccity/home1/Xcape pod)
    falcon from set 2
    moncal from set7
    ssd from set 9
    but oh well, s43 did send along the following xtras:
    outrider (sote paintscheme)
    and 2 jabbarges ,
    so i guess i can't bust his agates about the missin ones too much. of course, if he still wishes to send em along at some point in the future, b'jr'll still be happy to see em ;D
    thanx agin, it been gray last week & snowy this week so it's been fun scrutinizing each of these afore i turn em over to b'jr :happy:


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