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    yo! shinky! paging shinakuma 43....

    in refernce to our conversations regarding canuck die cast gift pack , if you have yet to aquire it, i refer you to this auction.

    it ends in 2 days or so, and the price is still $1.00

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    Thanks for the tip. Hopefully this one won't go as high as the last one and hopefully I remember to place a bid before it's too late.


    BTW, don't I still owe you something for the Jonny Quest MMs you got for me quite a while ago? I e-mailed you a few times but never heard from you. I believe you were hoping to get an emblemless AF green A-Wing. I still haven't seen one even up on ebay in a very long time, but I do search for it frequently.

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    i always answer ya shinky! i do it via the forums in lieu of e-mail.....

    i'm too lazy fer the moment to go weedin' through the archives to find my responses to you.

    you keepin an eye out for the emblemless green a-wing is di-di aynu! (translation: good enough for me!)

    thanx for being on the continued lookout!
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    GSJ: I actually managed to bid on it and get it this time, but I almost missed out. The auction was ending at just about 1:30 AM EST. At 1:15 I remembered the auction was ending soon so I had to fly home real fast to make it. I got in 3 minutes before it ended, placed my bid and won the auction for 29.00. I was very happy until I just woke up and found out what I missed out on last night on ebay. I need Babylon 5 MM sets 5, 6, and all of them loose. I also need most of the harder to find ST MMs loose. Check out these auctions:

    It would have been nice to get at least some of them. I really don't understand why someone would put a buy now price on something if they have no idea what the going rate is.


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    Question lemme get this straight, shinky. . .

    . . .you're actually complaining that rare sfmms went for too LITTLE? personally, if i ever auctioned stuff off that's exactly how i'd do it- set a buy it now price so tempting it'd be claimed in a flash. that's how memories are made
    that said, i wish i coulda spotted these for y'all too. but this falls under the "snooze you lose" category (speaking of which, are you EVER gonna answer my emails about your order? ). collecting's the art of the possible. we should just be glad Someone was able to buy these items without getting inordinately gouged (just so long as buyer doesn't plan to re-sell at a profit, that is, but there's no way to know that kinda thing right now).
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    Arrow shinky,

    you may wanna e-mail the sellers, and tell em about our little slice o' heaven here. who know's maybe they have other micro's that they may be interested in offering in exchange fer trades, or would be willing to provide happiness to the collectors here!

    people go to ebay, cause they don't know where else to go.

    i got's to agree with vt, it's refreshing to see that someone is offering little peices of plastic at reasonable buyt it now price!

    the last time i saw that done wuz when i bagged the bp's fer swaffy, they were all the origianl ones with the dropped figures, and the buy it now was less than srp for the lot!

    sometimes good deals do pop up on ebay. i check in over there every once in awhile to see if anything that i know that baal or anyone else might want is available, but i don't keep regular tabs, as i just completed my collection!

    as indicated in the st mm thread, irc.rockford came through for me, and bagged me those pesky tail end x-rays!............

    doh! i lie like a rug

    i still don't have that emblemless green a-wing
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    Lightbulb better yet, email the Buyers!

    . . .i.e., invite them here & see if they'd want to trade (or otherwise ethically part with) anything from the lots they bagged
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    since s43 can apparently find time to continue participating on this forum but has not been able to reply to my repeated emails re the stuff i'm Still holding for him, i have decided that he will not be eligible for my forum-wide offer to hunt for y'all at the trekcon this weekend. i have further decided that until further notice he shall not be eligible for advance credit, and will have to pay for the items i'm currently holding Before i send them. as most of you know, this is in sharp contrast from the way i usually conduct business, particularly with those (such as s43) with whom i have previously done business.
    it is hoped that the patience i have shown, in only now resorting to these limited sanctions, will prompt a satisfactory resolution to this situation, and forgo the need for more comprehensive, result-oriented measures.
    if and when said resolution is acheived, i will promptly post notice of same here. until then, everyone reading this is advised to delay or avoid all business dealings with s43-
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    VT: I didn't mean to sound as if I was complaining that they went for too little. I was just jealous that someone else got to them before me. I love getting good deals and I like to see others get good deals as well. If I actually didn't miss them I wouldn't need any B5 MMs loose or carded and I don't think I would have needed any ST MMs either. It would have been nice to get them all out of the way, but I did snooze and so I did lose.


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    the below is a copy of my 7/31/01 post to shinky.....

    shinakuma, our most Valued bounTy hunter may grow tired of this waitin' game. as he has indicated many time in the past, he is not only bounty hunter extraordinaire , he is also a Venerable Tightwad, who does not like to part with dineros unnecessarily. (heck! he rides heard on me everytime i spend moolah like it grows on trees!) he extends credit, where credit has shown to be trustworthy. by not responding to his attempts to close the transaction request which you have made of him, it weakens the position of the community as a whole. vt has come to my help many times, in securing hard to find items, and has always put the money up front, trusting in the relationship which was formed over at the buzz board, and solidified here. i don't want him 2nd guessing me jes cause another long time trusted member here, ended up stiffing him for something which he himself couldn't care for.

    please conclude you're dealings with mr. touch.

    it is critical that the trust we have established with one another here be maintained and continued. we have set the standard for the rest of the star wars (and star trek) collecting community, displaying how proper collecting business should be conducted. (this is why at the present time, we are not required to hoof it down to the trading section to help each other out).

    what sets the mm community apart from all other sw related collecting folks, is that hasbro at present refuses to make any new product. the only way possible for any of us to get the mm toys that we wnat and do not posess, is through the efforts of others. this situation requires that each of us treat eachother in the manner which we wished to be treated ourselves.

    as this particular arrangement between you and VT is gettin' a little long in the tooth, it's high time that this transaction be completed.
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