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    Star Wars Smackdown!

    This is the latest of the "who would win?" threads. Someone picks two Star Wars characters and we debate who would win a no holds barred fight to the finish (or to the pain, or whatever) for about a week, then someone else throws out two characters and we debate their battle. And so forth and so on.

    I'll start off with:


    The two lightsaber-wielding "bulldogs" of the prequel era go at it head-to-head. Given their personalities, this one will definitely be to the death.

    Who will win, and how will it go down?

    I'll be back in a bit with my thoughts.
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    Re: Star Wars Smackdown!

    I say maul. Grevious was a joke. Even though Obi killed both of them easily Grievous would of only lasted 2 minutes if not for that stupid wheelbike

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    Re: Star Wars Smackdown!

    I don't really see Maul being a thinker and going about it the way that Obi Wan did. Yes he has Force powers and could Force push GG just like Obi did I see him being more of a hacker and going about it with brute force. GG's droid brain could keep up with Obi Wan I don't know why he couldn't have kept up with Maul. I think GG is the winner because he could overwhelm Maul but Grevious would likely lose a limb or two in the fight and Maul would be dead.

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    Re: Star Wars Smackdown!

    For me, this is actually a pretty tough fight to gauge.

    In terms of size and raw strength, Grievous has a clear advantage.

    However, size matters not if your ally is the Force, and Maul has an advantage in that respect.

    Grievous can wield four weapons, and Maul only two. But as they were both defeated by a Jedi who'd lost a saber, this doesn't really say too much.

    Grievous defeated more Jedi during his career, but this could be because his career was not only longer, but more in the open. Maul operated in the shadows, avoiding overt confrontation, until his final battle.

    Both were finally bested in combat by Obi-Wan Kenobi after falling victim to their own overconfidence. Maul was killed by Obi-Wan when he was a Padawan, but by the same token Grievous was killed by Obi-Wan when he resorted to unexpected, non-Jedi tactics by swiping Grievous' blaster. So that's not a clear indication.

    On Naboo, Maul easily held his own against two Jedi, a Master and a Padawan. Qui-Gon was considered one of the greatest fighters in the history of the Order, yet was defeated by Maul.

    This was (including EU), the second time he'd confronted Jedi. A few weeks or months earlier, on Coruscant, he'd killed a couple of Jedi and remained unknown.

    Grievous went up against four Masters and two Padawans at once on Hypori. He killed the Padawans, left three Masters for dead (one so gravely injured that ARC Troopers picked up no vital signs), and was on the verge of defeating the fourth Master.

    Though this was the first time he made himself known to the Jedi, he'd secretly killed a few in the catacombs of Geonosis, and shortly thereafter defeated both Durge and Asajj Ventress in his final test from Dooku. And rumor has it that he'd killed Jedi before his fateful shuttle crash as well.

    Grievous has an unquestionable advantage in terms of experience. He's also proven that he knows when to run away, something Maul had a fatal problem with. Also, he served as a ruthless and effective military leader both before and after his cybernetic augmentation.

    I think Grievous will eventually win out, having the stronger mind in this (nearly) evenly matched battle of sheer power.

    However, I think after the fight, a bad cough will be the least of the General's worries.
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    Re: Star Wars Smackdown!

    Maul would kill him. The only thing Maul knew was attack and kill.
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    Re: Star Wars Smackdown!

    I'm gonna have to go with Maul. Although GG has a size and lightsaber advantage he's still only, droid. Maul has the obvious force advantage and was killed by Obers because he had no damn room to manuever.
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    Re: Star Wars Smackdown!

    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds
    GG's droid brain could keep up with Obi Wan I don't know why he couldn't have kept up with Maul.
    Grievous's brain is one of the few organic components left in him.

    If this is just a straight fight, I'm going to give it to Maul, Grievous's saber technique against Obi-Wan was pitiful, Obi-Wan cut off 2 of his hands with 1 single-bladed saber, Maul has the benefit of using a saber that can be 1- or 2-bladed. I would say they would be fairly evenly matched in the physical stuff, but ultimately it is Maul's ferocity that would give him the edge as Grievous seemed to prefer toying with his enemy rather than blatantly attacking (c'mon, the guy has 4 lightsabers on, maybe if he attacked in more than 1 spot with them he wouldn't have lost so easily, what's the point of multiple sabers if you're not going to make your opponent defend multiple positions at once?) - Maul would go right for the kill.
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    Re: Star Wars Smackdown!

    I think Maul would win, simply because he seemed to have a ferocious attacking style compared to Grievous' theatrics. Maul seemed more like a bulldog, and Grievous a show poodle. I think Grievous would spend too much time trying to intimidate and therefore lose because Maul was all action. Plus Grievous didnt seem very invincible with his four lightsabers as it was, Maul would have cut him down.
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    Re: Star Wars Smackdown!

    I'll go the opposite way of most of you and say GG. He gave Obers a better fight than Maul did, and since Obers whacked Maul like a punk, it stands to reason that GG would own him as well.

    Good thread, Chux!
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    Re: Star Wars Smackdown!

    No, Maul was not killed because he had no room to manuever. He was killed because he was too full of himself and decided to stand there and taunt Obi-Wan. A great warrior would have killed him, not gloated and left himself wide open for counterattack.

    Still going with Grievous, but like I said, it would likely be the most difficult fight of his life, er, afterlife.
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