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    Sites to Watch Out For

    Fellow MR Collector's,

    In my pursuit to collect the highly addictive .45 scaled sabers, I have searched high and low to find the best deals, especially on the older hilts such as the Mace Windu AOTC (now to be re-released) and the Obi-Wan AOTC saber. While most forays have been successful, with Ebay simply being the easiest and cheapest so far, I wanted to alert potential buyers to the following two sites: and

    Killertoys - I had ordered two Obi-Wan AOTC sabers (the pic and description were definitely from the older version) and 1 500th Version Darth Vader figure. Two sabers arrived quickly enough, but as I feared, they were the ROTS variety. The 500th Vader never arrived. I was told that they didn't have the correct sabers, and I could ship it back if I wanted. There was little, if any, admittance that they made a mistake, and didn't even try to make amends. The 500th Vader never showed, and I had to finally ask them to cancel the order and refund my money. Final Grade: D+ - Any site where you can't e-mail them directly and don't list phone numbers is already an ominous sign. At any rate, they had clearance prices on the Stormtrooper Blaster and Mace Windu AOTC scaled sabers. In fact, all MR products are still listed at sale prices. I ordered the blaster and mini-sabers, and received confirmation e-mails for both orders. Unfortunately, that's where the service ended. The items have not been shipped, now three weeks or so later. E-mails are ignored. The phone number, which I found in the confirmation e-mail, goes directly to voice mail, and messages are never returned. Whatever you do, stay away from this site! Final Grade: F-

    Obviously, not every purchase will go the same way, but it would be helpful to others to know how their experiences went with the various websites that purport to be Master Replicas Resellers.


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    Re: Sites to Watch Out For

    Thanks, Kook!

    I definitely have had my run off luck with the hunt for the mini sabers. I ordered a Obi wan Weathered mini from r2dtoys almost 2 months ago! Now it appears it's on its way Tuesday next, but I have fought the urget to cancel the order and re order from someplace else many times. The only good thing from R2DToys is that they do return my emails, and are apologetic. AND the price i got the mini for was like 70 dollars, and has since gone way up even on their site.

    I ordered one saber off ebay from Singapore, same story, took forever, but the seller was very helpful, even refunded my shipping. Eventually it got here.

    Sorry you had worse luck seems like.


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    Re: Sites to Watch Out For

    I've seen plenty of mini-sabers from an ebayer in Singapore, and although I have bid and lost on them, I've always wondered, "will I ever see the darn thing??" From what I've heard, however, the products do arrive, although a bit late (customs).


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    Re: Sites to Watch Out For

    I'm skeptical about ordering that far overseas. I'm only done it a few times -all successful. But theres plenty of things I passed on because I didnt think I would ever see them.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett


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