I started to post this under the Star by Star thread, but it began taking on a life of its own. These are some questions that have popped up in my head at one point or another and have nagged me since.

1) The Vong showed up in the galaxy shortly before Palpatine's rise to power. They seemed very interested in the technology of the planet from Rogue Planet (I forget the name), attacked with an army, and then more or less vanished. Where were they during the interrim?

2) When did Nom Anor enter the galaxy as an undercover operative? He's in Crimson Empire, but seems fairly well established by that point.

3) What is the force that drove the Vong from their galaxy? Will the Republic encounter that force? And will it be friend or foe?

4) What is the alien menace referred to in Vision of the Future? Is it the Vong, or somehow related to the Vong?

5) Why have the Empire, Hapans, Hutts, Correllians, Corporate Sector, Chiss, and even the Ssi-Ruuk been so reluctant to join the battle? The Empire, Hapans, Correllians, and Chiss all showed up for one battle each, then pretty much went home! Think about how illogical this is. It's as if aliens invaded the British Empire at the height of its power, and everyone else ignored it.

6) As Thrawn pointed out elsewhere, why are the Yuuzhan Vong described as being so much like the Yevetha?

7) Is the Force only present in the Star Wars galaxy? If not, why are the Vong immune? (Even Hutts and Toydarians aren't absent from the Force.)

8) Where's Boba Fett? And Dash Rendar, Kyle Katarn, and pretty much every other fringe character?

9) Waru--when first I encountered him in The Crystal Star, he was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard of. But every time I think of it, he seems more like a Vong construct of some sort.

10) Will we get to see the Vong's home galaxy?

11) The Republic seems to have learned of Vong tactics and weapons relatively quickly. (I think Rogue Squadron had learned to deal with dovin basals as early as Vector Prime.) How, then, did an obviously antagonistic force (c'mon, they're wiping out whole planets right and left!) make such an incursion into Republic territory in just less than three years?

12) How will the Shamed Ones play into this war?