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    3D TV Show

    A few days ago I got an email from about updates from Hyperspace. I let that membership lapse so I don't know any further details... anywho it said

    [font=Arial]Star Wars Animated Television Series Announced[/font]
    [font=Arial]"Preproduction has begun on the next generation of the Star Wars saga, a cutting edge 30-minute, 3-D computer-animation television series based on the Clone Wars that take place between Episode II and Episode III."[/font][font=Arial]-- Steve Sansweet
    Comic-Con International 2005, Star Wars Spectacular[/font]
    I know there isn't alot of other info out there (yet), but I'm suprised nobody else has said anything. Does anybody know anything about this?

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    Re: 3D TV Show

    This is the new Clone Wars show. It's not going to be 3D like the new versions of the movies, but 3D like Toy Story and Findimg Nemo. I didn't know production started but we've known about this since CIII.
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    Re: 3D TV Show

    Sounds disappointing to me...

    There are a few good computer animated movies, but every TV show I've seen done in this format sucks.

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    Re: 3D TV Show

    The movies done in this format do tend to be good but like was said it can be crappy looking when done for tv shows. At first I wasn't sure I liked the idea of it taking place between E's II and III but there are plenty of ideas out there that this series can cover. Hopefully this series will jive with everything else that is out there/going to be coming out soon.

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    Re: 3D TV Show

    I'll watch it.
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    Re: 3D TV Show

    I think i would have perfered the cartoon version of it but the 3D version has possibilties as well. I guess it's a wait and see thing. I will watch it as long as it's at a decent time and not 3:00 in the afternoon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronhudy View Post
    Sounds disappointing to me...

    There are a few good computer animated movies, but every TV show I've seen done in this format sucks.
    FAIL! The show rocks.


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