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    One HUGE step closer ...

    Check out what I just won ...

    Please tell me this is legitimate.

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    Re: One HUGE step closer ...

    if it's open, it's doubtful! To me, the only way to tell if a vinyl cape jawa is authentic is one, it's carded and two, it's graded by AFA or you have Gus Lopez and his friends check it out for you!
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    Re: One HUGE step closer ... .........another..............way to tell. I read somewhere that on the real plastic cape, the inside has a texture to it, while the outside is completely smooth. I think it was in Toyfare.
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    Re: One HUGE step closer ...

    Rebo, you are correct.

    One side of the cape should have a criss-cross texture to it. The arm holes should be tight against the figure, and the cape the same colour as the figure... Only the Toltoys figure has a different colour cape, but that's a totally different kettle of fish.

    I can't get the pics to show up, but from the auction, the 'red cape' description makes me believe that it's a Ben Kenobi cape that's been cut down....

    The ending price is way to low, which also makes me believe that any serious collectors would have known it was a fake, and stayed well away....

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    Re: One HUGE step closer ...

    It's clearly a fake. You got taken. The cape color is that of Ben's cape, not a true Jawa cape. A real vinyl cape Jawa's cape would be the same color as the figure. Now it could be a Toltoys Jawa, but I doubt it. The way the collar folds down on the back it looks much more like the larger Ben cape than the smaller Jawa cape.
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    Re: One HUGE step closer ...

    Well, although I'd rather I snagged a legit figure I am not too upset because without this one I would probably never get one anyway. Paid too much for a Jawa but oh well. I did buy it on an impulse and saw it very late into the auction. If I had more time to study the pic I probably would have passed on it but I took a chance and I do believe that you are right that it's not legit. Won't know for sure until I get it in my hands but one thing is certain whomever made it did a decent job of cutting it to fit the Jawa very well.

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    Re: One HUGE step closer ...

    Notice how the seller went out of their way not to call it a "Vinyl caped" Jawa. They say "Plastic". They were clearly covering their legal bases. Sneaky. Very sneaky.

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    Re: One HUGE step closer ...

    I bought a vinyl caped Jawa a couple of years ago from a guy in Germany. You guys are exactly right, the cape is the exact same color as the figure and it does have some sort of texture to it. I paid almost $200 for it. I researched the figure a little bit before I purchased it and one of the guys at Sir Steves (I can't remember who) told me it was real so I bought it. I will try to get a photo or 2 of it up here to show you guys. All in all $36 isn't bad for a fake. I once saw somebody pay $50 for one and the person was well aware it was a fake.

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    Re: One HUGE step closer ...

    Vinyl Cape Jawa Photos As promised

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    Re: One HUGE step closer ...

    Jawa Fett, there is some problem because I don't see any photos or links to photos in your list post.
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