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    Re: Just wanted to drop in and say "hello!"

    Steve D.

    Welcome to the forums and a Genuine and Sincere Thanks for joining and looking in on the forumites here at SSG.

    I know we represent just a minority of consumers but it is nice to have some response from your company.

    I myself have started to collect the mini sabers and really enjoy them.

    I am also going to the Chicago Comic Con and hope to see MR there and to get the exclusive Yoda saber there!

    Once again...welcome.
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    Re: Just wanted to drop in and say "hello!"

    Today I got my first Master Replica, the Stormtrooper blaster and I love it. But I have a few questions. First is the scope supposed to be see through or not? Does the stock fold completly out? Does the clip come out? I ask because I don't want to break it.

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    Re: Just wanted to drop in and say "hello!"

    I got your answers Blackened88. Yes the scope is see-through (just like the ESB Han Solo Blaster), The stock does not fold back nor does the clip come out (unless you want to break it out). I have one also and love it!
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    Re: Just wanted to drop in and say "hello!"

    Quote Originally Posted by SirSteve
    JediTricks - I have ported over that interview to our new system:
    Awesome work, thanks boss.
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    Re: Just wanted to drop in and say "hello!"

    Welcome aboard!! It's great that MR's people are willing to actually come here and talk with their customers and fans. It's great to know that you can answer a few questions that I believe Amy was unable to.

    My question is will MR be producing a Mace Windu and Count Dooku ROTS LE? I'm sure many of us who have missed the chance of getting the AOTC version would love to be able to buy them again from the company, instead of paying secondary market prices.
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    Re: Just wanted to drop in and say "hello!"

    Thanks for the response SirSTeve, was wondering if she stopped coming here.
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    Re: Just wanted to drop in and say "hello!"

    Welcome, and Howdy from Texas!

    You guys make some really great stuff! I am really glad you folks are here!


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    Re: Just wanted to drop in and say "hello!"

    I just wanted to say that I think that is great you are taking time for the fans. Good on you!

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    Re: Just wanted to drop in and say "hello!"

    Welcome to SSG mcfly.

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    Vader Reveal Helmet

    What are the chances of MR producing a full scale wearable Vader Reveal Helmet? All three pieces which could be put together and disassembled easily.



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