This is Steve D. of MR. I read this forum for the first time about six weeks ago. I saw a few posts where I thought "That is a really good question...I should answer that...!"

I then tried to log in and it kept telling me there was an error.

Fast forward a few weeks to Comicon, where your mighty leader hung out at our booth. I told him of my plight and he immediately hooked me up with a new account.



I will try to pop in from time to time and answer questions as my schedule allows. As we noted on the other forums, I would respectfully request that a few guidelines be followed:

-Be nice. I won't answer threads that start with "MR is just stupid if they think..."


"MR had better..."

or one of my personal favorites:

"This is just another money grab for MR. They are idiots if they think we are going to put up with this..."

or any thread that has that red "p1ssed off" face in the title.

I hate those.

AND...If you insult me or the company, I reserve the right to make fun of you.

Other than THOSE, I look forward to a mutually beneficial, fun relationship here and hope to keep everyone enlightened about the company and products.

Steve C. and I spent quite a bit of time chatting at Comicon and I thought to myself...he is a really cool guy and we should do more with them.

So here am I...

I see Amy is popping in to answer CS questions, which is great! I will handle product-related questions and she can focus on CS type questions. I will try to get here at least twice a week and answer what I can.

Please be aware that I can't always answer up-coming product questions or new-license-detail-questions as we aren't always allowed to discuss such things...but I will do my best. If I just can't discuss something, I will let you know.

Let us begin...