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    So What Happened To...

    So What Happened To The Cool Clone Commanders In The Ot? It Seems Like The Clone Commanders Are All The Army Version Of Clones And In The Ot The Stormtroopers Are All Navy Personel.are There Ot Storm Commanders Or Not? Sorry I Do Not Read Any Books So Not Sure.

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    Re: So What Happened To...

    Yeah, there are officers and such. They just lack cool armor. Most of the Stormtrooper officers saunter around in there uniforms though and not their armor. A film reference to this is General Veers in "ESB". Aboard the Executor he's wearing his uniform but, once deployed to Hoth, he dons his armor.
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    Re: So What Happened To...

    Also Officers Are Not Clones Like They Are In Aotc And Rots. All Of Those Cool Variations That We See All Go Buy-Buy Which I Think Really Sucks.

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    Re: So What Happened To...

    That's A Good Point Too, JJB #2.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Re: So What Happened To...

    Plus the clones life span was sped up to grow 'em faster. So they would be another 40 years older, making like 70 or older.
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    Re: So What Happened To...

    If you look at the Sandtroopers they have different colored shoulder pauldrons. I think they have orange, grey, and white to differentiate between the different officers.
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    In AOTC we only had one standard clone set of armor and distinctions of rank/purpose were defined by coloring. with the clone wars (cartoon) came the ARC troopers and a changing from the standard clone armor (again with ranks differing colors). ROTS brought more changes to the clone armor for differing purposes (pilots/gunners/commanders) and environments. by the time of the empire we see the stormtroopers as the standard shock infantry troops in regular armor. officers seem to spend more time out of armor and in uniform. environment dictates the armor worn by troopers (snow/sand) and pilot have different armor entirely (TIE pilot/scouts). as mentioned above though within the masses of sandtroopers rank is distinguishable by the color of the shoulder pauldrons. what is missing from the OT is presence of commando troopers.

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    Re: So What Happened To...

    Don't forget about those all red troops aka. the Royal Guards. They were the 'best of the best.


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