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    These are boring times for me; when I will be tempted to spend on nothing.

    I wanted to start a thread about anything from Hasbro Star Wars that I might get excited about.

    Comic Con was a total dud. Really, I have to wait for Pre-Toy Fair (isn't that in September?) to see if there will be anything I'm interested in.

    We made a Top 50 list of figures from TPM, AOTC, ANH, ESB, and ROTJ that many of us on this site would have liked to have seen. Almost none of it is getting done to our knowledge as of yet.

    (Cliegg Lars, Herme Odle, a good General Veers, Luke Endor, all topped the list).

    As of now, I know the first 6 figures (Carkoon Wave) coming next year, and with the undetermined Hoth Wave to follow, and only 6 Characters from a ROTS Coruscant Wave coming after that, I can't see many of the never-made-before figures I want being released. I see resculpts and recards or else main characters will not be out there. The Coruscant Wave would need like 10 figures in it to adequately represent Obi-Wan, Anakin, Grievous, etc. and still add new figures I don't have anything close to (Padme with her hair in the buns, the Fireship Pilot) and keep it interesting - as I would NOT be buying the Anakin and Obi-Wan figures (I already have bought 10-12 of them so I have them for each scene I want to make).

    Right now, I barely want ANY Hasbro figures.

    12 More ROTS have been announced, and I'm only buying 4:

    Plo Koon (holo)
    501st (all though I'm buying like 12 or more of these guys)

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    Re: These are boring times for me; when I will be tempted to spend on nothing.

    I'm a little more optomistic, Tycho. I think there will be a nicer mix of new costumes for main characters, new and improved army builders, and previously unmade background characters in this line than you do - and I think you'll want more of them than you think you will.

    In case you didn't see it in the other thread, I'm throwing down the gauntlet: I challenge you* to buy less than 20 different figures out of the prospective 56 Saga2 figures planned for 2006! It's on now.........

    *I, of course, reserve the right to remove this challenge, to avoid looking foolish, should the entire list of upcoming figures be released - and suck.
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    Re: These are boring times for me; when I will be tempted to spend on nothing.

    Hasbro does not listen to us. They are smart. "We only need to keep them from escaping." They only need to keep us interested in the figures. Think about this: they have that licensed until 2018. That is long enough to make many of the never before sculpted figures we want. I believe Hasbro knows this. Therefore, they must just keep the lines half-way interesting until the license is out. Why? Because if they gave us all of those figures that we wanted, I truly feel that they would run out of figures to sculpt. At least, they would run out of figures that parents and kids could identify. Then the line would die. I agree with you, comic con was "zzzzzz" time from what I've read.

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    Re: These are boring times for me; when I will be tempted to spend on nothing.

    2006 Product Tycho WILL Buy - updated July 29, 2005:

    1) Leia Boussh no thanks. A better Deluxe Han Carb would change that.
    2) Han carbonite nope. You can't completely enclose him in a deluxe carb block
    3) #1 Bib Fortuna - this might be useful for an EU scene.
    4) Barada repaint I bought all the Baradas I'd need in 1999.
    5) Boba Fett - maybe. I have an extra #300. If I use that, something for Jaster Mureel might work out.
    6) Chewie in chains - not likely. I have an extra Chewie figure already

    Hasbro's batting 1 for 6 with me so far.

    + $5.32................... - $ 26.6 (money I am not spending on at least 1 of their products)

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    Re: These are boring times for me; when I will be tempted to spend on nothing.

    Remember what I said about you being an unusual collectors Tycho? Well, I think this line is Hasbro's way of confirming that. I think Hasbro is stupid for staying to this rigid "waves based on scenes" thing, thus forcing figures to wait for the last members of the crew before shipping, but other than that this seems like a great start. Boushh is a 9 year old mold, the face is based off Monkey-face Leia and while the figure is actually fairly decent, it's definitely no longer "good enough". Han Carbonite is the same age, and that figure was nothing to write home about when it first came out beyond the quality of the block itself. Bib Fortuna is a decent POTF2 figure but hardly accurate and he suffers from split-robe syndrome, so I welcome a new version that's more accurate. If Chewie in Chains is something like the POTJ Mechanic Chewie body, it'll be a very welcome update to a VERY silly POTF2 figure. People will apparently never stop buying Boba Fetts so it's smart of Hasbro to release them. And fans like aliens, so Barada will do well too. I think you're just too rigid in your collecting mindset to accept that it's not 1995 anymore.
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    Re: These are boring times for me; when I will be tempted to spend on nothing.

    You say that now Tycho, but you will have empty curio cabinets and but these figures to fill them up
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    Re: These are boring times for me; when I will be tempted to spend on nothing.

    And here I thought this thread was another lament about not finding stuff. This is a dangerous time for me - overcome by frustration in not seeing any new figures since mid-May, and on top of that, stores have inexplicably raised prices. There's no point in checking stores any more, and I've lost interest in doing so anyway.

    And then I hear that in California, where the toys are apparently so plentiful that collectors can yawn and ho-hum about Hasbro's character selection. Of course, this is California: where the streets are paved with ABS and PVC; and new cases of figures routinely wash up on shore; where stores' pegs runneth over with new assortments; and behind every Bratz playhouse and Tickle Me Elmo lies in wait someone's stash of glittering plastic swag; and every ocean breeze carries a faint wisp of new toy smell...

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    Re: These are boring times for me; when I will be tempted to spend on nothing.

    I dunno, I really like most of ROTS figures #56-68 (with the exception of the Wookiees). It's a nice way for Hasbro to save some money and churn out perfectly good figures that I, frankly, never thought we'd get. Now I don't have to buy another Geonosis War Room set to make Cat Miin or a yellow ROTS Passel Argente. I also love the first three new TSC figures. They are all updates on figures who sorely needed them. Even if there's not many completely new figures, the other kitbashed/repainted ones will be nice (I'm hoping). But also, if you choose not to buy many of the figures, that just saves money for the other things that you do want to get.
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    Re: These are boring times for me; when I will be tempted to spend on nothing.

    Hey JJ - $20 says Tycho can't do it....

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    Re: These are boring times for me; when I will be tempted to spend on nothing.

    I'll probably just get the Wookies for the final ROTS wave. And after that not much of anything sans Bib.
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