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    Scaled Mace on MR

    Early this morning on MR's site, they had the mace windu scaled saber listed as in stock. Just checking the site now and the status has changed to available late fall. My apologies for not reporting it earlier but my monitor burnt out and I had to go buy a new one. But hey at least they're re-releasing it!
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    Re: Scaled Mace on MR

    Eek! and me without any cash at the moment!

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    Re: Scaled Mace on MR

    Just placed my order! What a great way to use my first collector society coupon!
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    Re: Scaled Mace on MR

    Wow. When I got mine off of a few months ago, I thought everyone already had one...

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    Re: Scaled Mace on MR

    Well, Mace's .45 will be my first coupon purchase, I ordered it last night. I actually saw it online early yesterday morning as "in stock," I should have ordered it then.

    Oh well, at least I have one reserved.

    Since I have a Maul undamaged mini coming my way, I also was thining about getting the Maul Damaged mini. Is there anyone out there that has this and would recommend it? It's such a different design than all the other minis.

    Hapy collecting,

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    Re: Scaled Mace on MR

    I personally do not have the BD maul scaled(i hate calling them minis)but I have heard from many others who do who love it. If you want one, I know the saber vault has them in stock with free shipping. I've been debating with myself on getting it or not. I'm not a giant fan of the scaled, I'd rather get the full size LEs, but I do plan on getting the Vader anh and the windu. Who knows, I may end up getting many others later on!
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    Re: Scaled Mace on MR

    The scaled Battle Damaged Maul saber was my first; I had never thought much about them until my wife purchased this one for X-Mas. Now, ten sabers or so later, I look back and it's still one of my favorites. The exposed crystal and various scratches/scuffs add something to the saber that the "clean" versions lack. The only other saber that I think has more panache is the weathered obi-wan exclusive. Chrome sabers are OK, but I don't display them like the others - I prefer to display ones as they were seen in the movies.



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