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    The Star Corps Trooper Helmet on sale! is now selling the Star Corps Trooper Helmet! Limited edition of 600. For hyperspace members only until Aug 1st.

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    Re: The Star Corps Trooper Helmet on sale!

    I would love to buy this Helmet along with the 501st and Shocktrooper but 400 bucks is just too much money. I will buy the standard white clone helmet and it they ever made it a Commander Gree helmet but thats it for the normal clone helmets from ROTS.

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    Re: The Star Corps Trooper Helmet on sale!

    Impressive, and a really good exclusive! I actually plan on making my own Clone helmet, so I'll pass for now.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Re: The Star Corps Trooper Helmet on sale!

    I'm disappointed that it is not weathered like the image on their site. That is the reason I passed on the 501st and Shock Trooper helmets. They should at least do clean and weathered variants. Seeing as how MR has access to Lucasfilm's digital models they could create a 100% accurate replica on the weathering. Looks like if I want it weathered I'm going to have to use it as a football helmet.

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    Re: The Star Corps Trooper Helmet on sale!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn
    I actually plan on making my own Clone helmet, so I'll pass for now.
    What from pvc?

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    Re: The Star Corps Trooper Helmet on sale!

    I feel the same way decadentdave, maybe in the future they will do signature editions or elite editions with weathering.

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    Re: The Star Corps Trooper Helmet on sale!

    Well think about it, alot of people who are going to buy these are going to be people from the 501st and many of them like to keep the clean, neat appearance as if they were being inspected by the emperor

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    Re: The Star Corps Trooper Helmet on sale!

    That's my whole point, Teeska. When you watch Episode III, there is nothing clean or neat about them. In every scene, the Clone Troopers have weathered helmets and armor. When the 501st marches behind Anakin during the siege on the Jedi Temple, every last one of them is weathered. I don't have the skill to do a precise custom weathering job myself and make it look movie authentic although there are some who post here that can and will. I'm sure if they do a Commander Gree helmet it will look too clean and that just bugs me, especially considering Gree's helmet is heavily camoflauged and soiled from the Kashyyyk jungles. I'm all about authentic movie replicas not a fan of these "idealized" versions. These are more like pristine "As First Built By" which would have been great for the Clone Trooper helmets from Attack of the Clones but after 3 years of battles during the Clone Wars, they are gonna be scuffed up quite a bit. Now the white EIII Clone Trooper I don't have a problem with so much because it is pretty generic, but the "Special Forces" are screaming for weathering and that's why I passed on all of them, regardless of the limited production run. I'm not collecting them for investment, I just want something that people remember down to the finest detail. If MR makes a Jango or Boba Fett helmet, they too will probably be "clean" and omit the big dent in favor of an idealized pristine version. If it is flawed and it is a detail from the film, then I want it. I don't see why they just can't do both and make everyone happy. Besides, it just means even more money for MR especially from completists who will definitely want both versions in their collections.

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    Re: The Star Corps Trooper Helmet on sale!

    I'm not trying to start a fight or anything but A. I'm pretty shure they'd include the dent (on Boba only because Jango doesn't have one) considering that it's a very distiguishable part of the character. and B. You may not think so but if you try one can do some very nice weathering on their own. I know I didn't think that I did but when I got into costuming instead of collecting I found out that with a smidget of practice anyone can make something that looks decent. With a little trial and error you could replicate any of the on screen clonetroopers and/or you own unique design. Plus most ways of weathering are able to be removed so if you're not feeling it you can change anyway you like. I'm guessing they're fiberglass so it should be extremely simple.

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    Re: The Star Corps Trooper Helmet on sale!

    Uh, Jango HAS a dent. It's the same helmet that Boba uses. Watch the Geonosis arena battle again.

    I just don't have the skill to do an exceptional weathering job that a lot of skilled customizers do, that's why I'd prefer to pay Master Replicas to do it for me.


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