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    Tired of Exclusives?

    First of all I have two points to this.

    1. I am tired of exclusives to Wal-Mart, Target, Toys' R Us, Kay-Bee, etc..

    It is extremely hard to find some of these exclusives when they come out because, unlike many people, I don't like to go from Toys' R Us to Target to Wal-Mart, etc... everyday. Especially if they never get anything in. Also the Wal-Mart in my area is just plain old dirty and I don't like going in there. The Toys'R Us where I live hardly ever gets anything in Star Wars in anymore, exclusives or regular figures. The only luck I have is at Target. I think that they should do away with these exclusives and just sell stuff that you can buy anywhere. That way everyone can find it easily. Which brings up my next point....

    2. If Hasbro is worried about LOSING money by producing figures that not everyone wants, then I have a solution.

    Since we know that Hasbro probably won't release the Cantina 2-packs without a MAIN character in them, then why don't they just start making Star Wars Fan Club exclusives. If you really want the figure then you can get it from them and also this helps to stop the amount of pegwarming that most figures do. That way Hasbro can design a line for the collector and then gear one towards children that can be easily available at stores.

    Does anyone agree with me on either of these points? I'd like to hear what you have to say.
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    Indeed, that would be the way to go. That strategy would be brilliant(which explains why it can't happen) Here in Ontario we don't have kaybee or target, so any of the exclusives end up excluding most of us. I really don't like the built-in collectability of stuff that is poorly distributed. I like the figures and all, but if I know that some of them will be impossible to come by without, IMO, way too much effort(or shelling out too much bread), it kind of dulls my interest. I won't die without them, so I won't run around looking for them like my life depended on it. If distribution of the figures for EI(and POTJ subsequently) hadn't been so squirrely in my area, I could list at LEAST 10 figures I would have picked up without thinking twice. As it was, it just filled me with sour grapes. If the folks that want the figures can't get what they want, what's the point of it all?

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    You guys have it great, here in Ireland (where there are none of the chain toyshops you mentioned) the only place I can get exclusives is in comic shops at ten times the normal price! AND they rarely have them, Hasbro really screws everyone on Europe!
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    I can sympithsize with the Europians.I live in Maine.Ever been here?I have a walmart in the next town over.Problem is a couple of the stock boys get all the good stuff before it sees the shelf.TRU is 75 miles away and our first Target just opened behind the TRU.So I end up getting my exclusives by mail order at inflated prices.The fan club idea to me is perfect.We could finally get(key word "get")the figures and ships we really want.If the kids don't want them don't put them on the store shelves.Give us a way to get them with out Hasbro wasting money.
    Why not like D.C. comics direct?Pre order a few monthes early and only make enough of the toys to fill the orders plus a small surplus for future sales.Would we finally get a new Imperial shuttle and the still large number of characters we want? I bet we would.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Originally posted by Darth Evil
    You guys have it great, here in Ireland (where there are none of the chain toyshops you mentioned) the only place I can get exclusives is in comic shops at ten times the normal price! AND they rarely have them, Hasbro really screws everyone on Europe!
    I can't say I have it just as bad, but pretty darn close. The nearest Toy-R-Us and TARGETs are 17 miles away, and the closest area with any TARGETS and Toy-R-Us has 4 TARGETs and 2 TRUs, and I'm 15 so I'm just stuck with a deadbeat Wal-Mart that's like 3-5 miles away. Everytime I've gotten to the nearest TARGET for an exclusive they've been sold out, except when I got lucky and they had 2 12" Kaadus on an EMPTY shelf!!!! Guess it never crosed their minds that maybe they need some more stock out there. Exclusives are lame, or at they are the way they're doing it! Y-wing, Skiff, B-wing, 12" Scout Trooper with Speeder Bike, 12" Luke with Speeder Bike, TIE Interceptor, I'm missing them all and guess how much they're gonna cost on-line after S&H.
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    But there should be NO elitism in the toy collecting world. And I class kids as collectors too. It's only a lack of money and a drivers licence that stops interested kids from getting out there and hunting the way we do.
    There should be NO store exclusives and NO fan club exclusives and NO exclusives whatsoever.
    There should be a pan global distribution system that unites the countries in a common aim - collecting fantastic toys. Okay, so that last comment is a little off just now, but generally they ARE fantastic toys and I love them just the same as all you Americans who at least can get to a TARGET or WAL*MART or KAY-BEE if push comes to shove. It isn't completely out of reach for you. What do I have to do to get a fan club exclusive or a store exclusive, emigrate?
    Stuff the *****footing around and get the toys out to the folk who want them. The folks all over the world who want them.
    No more Eopies in Europe only, no more asian exclusive battle droid 2-packs, no more mail-in figures on cereals we don't get in the rest of the world. Just get the toys out there for pete's sake.

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    I really do see your point E.J. Are you unable to join the fan club?If I sounded elitist about kids that was not my intent.But I would say there are more differences than money and a drivers license.Any way,the only good thing about exclusives is they have been toys that would never see wide distribution because the sales would have never met the cost.Then again if so many of us can't get them,is there a good thing?
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I just kinda got carried away with the rant there sorry

    I do think there's a huge amount of kids who would be collectors if they had been able to find the toys they wanted. I lost count of the times I had to point disappointed kids and parents to the local scalper shop after they found nothing at TRU if I was in there.

    No we don't have access to the fan club. Well yes and no. There is a UK fan club but it's vastly overpriced and pretty lame from what I can tell. And they don't get current stuff so there's no way you could get the upcoming stormie 4-pack for instance for atleast another four years or something stupid like that. And we can't join the US fan club which has a US only policy.

    WAL*MART bought out a big supermarket chain here and even thoug they own the chain the only difference in stock has been more electronic goods like washing machines and microwaves at discount prices taking up the room that the toys used to.

    I do think there either ought to be an end to the exclusives, a more global selling policy and a lifting on the US only policy at the fan club,
    Or, Hasbro should give us more say in what we want made. This would obviously lead to contention from some people as they can't please everyone. But with more input from the people who buy there would be less of the harsh feedback like we're seeing over the episode two figures right now.
    If Hasbro had had more interest in the consumer and less interest in their self serving attitude they might have heard so many voices saying no to one pose figures for so long and wouldn't be faced with the impending disaster of a whole slew of pegwarming figures from the first wave of episode two figs.

    About the only thing they have got right lately is the deluxe figures and the vehicles but look how long it took them to get round to those!!!

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    I've had good luck with all the exclusives. I don't mind them but I can understand people who can't get them. It's like waiting forever for a new toy that everyone seems to have but you.
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    Originally posted by Darth Evil
    You guys have it great, here in Ireland (where there are none of the chain toyshops you mentioned) the only place I can get exclusives is in comic shops at ten times the normal price! AND they rarely have them, Hasbro really screws everyone on Europe!
    Australia the same though we do TRU and Kmart, TRU is the only hope in getting exclusives but how are you meant top share say 3 figures amoung the 5o or so cellectors in my area???

    And whats my chance of getting a celebration 2 Luke X-wing figure? I'll have to resort to scalpers to get it
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