This figure is the only ROTS Collection 2 figure that has an exclamation point as part of its name, which is something usually reserved for those in Collection 1. While I'm on its packaging, it's worthy to note that the picture on the insert appears to be artwork in the stead of an actual photograph - much like that other Utapaun, Tion Medon (Sneak Preview). Which, in this case, makes sense, as this character was only seen riding a dactillion from about a mile away.

Recently, Hasbro has been having trouble with the sizes of people's heads - some are huge (Emperor Palpatine, Mustafar Final Duel's Anakin) and some are tiny (the basic Anakins). This figure falls into the "tiny" category. With his pinhead and clown shoe-esque feet, he just looks weird. His teeth look weird; I think they were going for the same thing they did with Tion where he has those fang things, but on here it looks like he's missing about three teeth in various places. He doesn't have the same Lobot-like apparatus on his head that Tion has, but he does have humanlike ears.

Anywho, he has a ball joint head and feet, and regular shoulders, right elbow, wrists, waist, and legs articulation. Not too shabby for a guy who's barely in the film at all. He comes with a helmet, which fits nicely. He also has a pitchfork kind of dealy, which he can hold in one hand or in two should you want to have him wield it like Darth Maul would. A shield is included as well, but it's hard to figure out how he should hold it. There's a thin black strip that goes from one part of the shield's back to another; it does absolutely nothing. As far as I know, you're supposed to have his hand between a little clamp thing. I don't think this method of holding would be very good in battle, but what the hey. His last accessory is the third version of the base seen previously with Padmé, C-3PO, and the Polis Massan (and maybe Vader's Medical Droid, but I don't have that one so I can't be sure). Here, it's painted to look like Utapau (obviously), and it serves its purpose well.

If you have to choose between this guy and another in its wave, I'd pick Zett or Antilles over this one. I'll give it a C+.