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    OTC Vintage Carded Fett

    greatest fett of all time??? personally would've preferred an ESB version of this fig. What do you think? LMK, thanks.
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    Re: OTC Vintage Carded Fett

    The 300th Fett is the best, IMO. That may be my favorite overall and definitely in the top 3.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Re: OTC Vintage Carded Fett

    I don't have the 300th but I do have the VOTC version and it's a good figure but its just hard for him to move in certain directions more then others. You can do a search for it in the review area.

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    Re: OTC Vintage Carded Fett

    It's a great figure. He's got excellent detail and articulation, but his arms are a bit bulky, and the jumpsuit color is way off. His targeting scope (or whatever that thing on his helmet is) is too short. It looks funny when you put it down.

    300th is my favorite sculpt of Fett, hands down. I wish they would have repainted that one ROTJ colors, and put that on the regular OTC "pitt of Carkoon" cardback (instead of the SAGA version).

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    Re: OTC Vintage Carded Fett

    My opinion, 300th rules by far. got the pistol in the holster, missile is removable, awesome pose, ESB detail is phenomenal.

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    Re: OTC Vintage Carded Fett

    I like the 300th Fett also but I also like the Saga version only because it comes with its own stand. The flame base was really original on Hasbros part and made for a great addition.
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    Re: OTC Vintage Carded Fett

    300th Fett is awesome.
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    Re: OTC Vintage Carded Fett

    300th is by far my fav, I like the saga vesion too but the jnetpack-missle design irks me, if they fixed that i'd be elated
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    Re: OTC Vintage Carded Fett

    I love the ROTJ paint scheme and the articulation on VOTC Fett. However, he seems a tad bit short.

    300th Fett has a great sculpt but like i said, i prefer the ROTJ colors.

    the pit of carkoon fett i don't really like because if you try to stand him up, the legs are at odd angles.

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    Re: OTC Vintage Carded Fett

    The VOTC figure's ultra-static posture makes it hard to get really great poses out of him, especially how his legs are so close together. It's a very nice figure, but I have never found any space for him in my collection thus far, he's not natural-looking standing so ridgidly.
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