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    Will Wal-Mart have the next waves???

    I have seen a lot of people assuming this and that but the facts to me are....

    Wal-Marts currently have no place for Star Wars figures on thier shelves.

    Any moving/modular display is still a while away.

    All POTJ sku's have been deleted from Wal-Mart computers (which I have been able to verify...there are no numbers for anyone to order).

    The next wave/s are due to hit soon.

    I am a little worried about picking up these figures at other stores. Anyone else having doubts?

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    My Walmart has had absolutely no figures for the last four weeks as well as no peg space for any.

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    Exclamation I do!

    My Wal-Mart had figs. Lots of em. No really new ones, but they did have the new Scout, Han Bespin, Battle Droid Boomer, and Darth Maul SA, in stock.
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    My Wal-Mart has had 500 of the same 6 figures for months now. I am sure they have a few waves sitting in the back still.

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    Mine cut down the prices and only have about 10 figures. And a bunch of 300 edition Boba Fett laying around.
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    Although no Walmarts near me, when I do go out to them, they do have Star Wars. Not much, but theydo. They will continue getting Star Wars.
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    The Wal Mart closest to me has 8 pegs sparsely populated with Old Bens and mechAnakins. Plus some 12" bounty Hunters below that.

    The New Super Wal-Mart out by the Interstate has 1 peg with 1 porkins and 1 Old Ben on it. BUT...The other side of the aisle has about 8 feet of empty space where they condensed down all the power rangers and digimon crap. So I think, "Holiday Reset" is the word of the day...Star Wars will be back with exclusive vehicles to boot!!
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    It's been a while (two weeks) since I've stopped in at the local W-Ms. However, the last time I did I found the entire Duros wave at both as well as tons of the dirty biker scout cases. I hope they get them because they have the lowest price out of the three big retailers (TRU, Target, and W-M).


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