Variety says George Lucas addressed 4,000 computer pros at the annual Siggraph computer graphics conference and tradeshow in Los Angeles on Monday. He confirmed that Lucasfilm is already at work on the two "Star Wars" TV series.

The first is a 3-D animated "Clone Wars" series that will be made at Lucas Animation's Singapore facility. He said he'll start scouring Asia for talent and try to build up 3-D animation there. "It's also a way for me to get my foot into anime, which I like," Lucas said.

For the live-action series, he said, "we're going do something that would normally cost ($20 million-$30 million) and try to do it for $1 million," citing The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles as one show where he was able to stretch his production budget.

He said he'll shoot the series on a Sony digital camera system that anyone can buy at an electronics store.