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    NHL: Notable Player Movements.....

    Hey there, hockey fans. Just a thread to discuss the surely-to-be-overwhelming personnel moves we're going to be seeing over the next couple of months. Has your team failed to sign your favorite player? Is your goalie headed to your most hated rivals? Let's talk about it here.

    Movements of note so far (by my count):

    Gary Roberts and Joe Nieuendyk from Toronto to Florida (Panthers)!

    Wow, what the Leafs were thinking by not making worthy offers to these 2 keepers is completely unknown to me. Good luck filling those roster spots, jokers...... .

    Adam Foote from Colorado to Columbus. Free agent signing.

    Mike Commodore (if you consider him noteworthy) from Calgary to Carolina.

    There are lots of big names left. Markus Naslund, Sergei Gonchar, Peter Forsberg (all unrestricted), Joe Thornton and others, restricted. There will most certainly be a lot of movement over the next 7 weeks.

    Anyone out there your team is talking about trying to pick up?

    Any wishlists from you the fans?

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    Re: NHL: Notable Player Movements.....

    Well the Red Wings resigned Shanahan and Yzerman, while waiving Derian Hatcher, Ray Whitney, and fan favorite Darren McCarty.
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    Re: NHL: Notable Player Movements.....

    I saw the list of the Wings releases, I was also saddened and surprised that they wanted to part ways with McCarty. He was a good grinder with lots of toughness - not to mention a local (from just outside Windsor, ON). I'm sure he would have chosen to play out his career in the Wings uniform if he could - maybe no one will pick him up and the Wings can sign him back down the road.

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    Re: NHL: Notable Player Movements.....

    Well as much as I hate double posting, there were A MILLION signings today. I'm sure I'll miss many of them, but here are a few:

    Tony Amonte - from Philadelphia to Calgary
    Darren McCarty - from Detroit to Calgary
    Derian Hatcher - from Detroit to Philadelphia
    Mike Rathje - from San Jose to Philadelphia
    Chris Therien - from ? to Philadelphia
    Mike Modano - staying in Dallas for 5 more years
    Pavel Demitra - from St. Louis to NY Rangers (I think)
    Alexei Zhitnik - from Buffalo to NY Islanders (again, I think)

    I know there's more, I'll come back and edit this post once I have it sorted.

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    Re: NHL: Notable Player Movements.....

    I am saddend and quite disturbed St Louis has traded away Chris Pronger.

    I remember his 1st year with the Blues. They boooed the poor guy because he replaced Stl favorite Brenden Shanahan. now they will feel the pain of this loss..
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    Re: NHL: Notable Player Movements.....

    I think it is awesome to see all these veteran players being moved around, It will be a crazy season since there might not be a clear cut favorite (Colorado looks good so far though). I thik Toronto will be able to fill the spots they had to let some people go they had a good size payroll. Last rumors I checked had the Leafs close to getting Paul Kariya, whcih with the new rules could tear it up this year. I just hope the B's can keep Thorton and Sampsonov

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    Re: NHL: Notable Player Movements.....

    McCarty leaving Detroit sucks. His numbers were worse than Tie Domi, but he was fun to watch. And no one in Calgary is gonna like Grinder

    I'm glad Stevie Y came back for another year. Detroit hockey isn't gonna be the same when he retires. Again, his numbers are good, but it's the intangible "X" factor he has that makes him great.

    As for the vets being scattered around, it doesn't surprise me. The rich teams are dumping them faster than the little guys can pick them up. A great example of this is Adam Foote going to the BJ's. He's fallen behind in Colorado, but Columbus will build their team around him. I think it's good for the game. As long as Detroit doesn't get rid of anyone
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    Re: NHL: Notable Player Movements.....

    Still having trouble with the Leafs dropping Roberts
    Domi is on the bubble right now, too, but from what I understand there's another club making FAR better offers than the Leafs have scrounged up so far

    This season should be really interesting, with the wholesale changes in the rosters and the rules- the first few weeks should be pandemonium
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    Re: NHL: Notable Player Movements.....

    Another mental day. Modano, contrary to my previous post, has NOT signed with Dallas, he refused their offer. Boston has money on the table apparently.

    Marty Gelinas - from Calgary to Florida (oldest team in the league?)
    Kevin Weekes - from Carolina to Rangers
    Markus Naslund - staying in Vancouver
    Jerome Iginla - staying in Calgary

    Much more, too many to even keep up with. Still a few big names out there - Kariya supposedly going to the Sharks, no word on Forsberg..... madness.....

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    Re: NHL: Notable Player Movements.....

    Brian Leetch went to the Bruins. I don't care if he's in the last years of his career, that's a wicked addition to defense.
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