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    Question How do you display your .45s?

    Anyone built their own case? I saw some online, that hold 9 or so, but I don't like the hinges and big latch. I want to build my own case, maybe of aluminum sheet, plexiglass, etc. Maybe with a FL light in the top or something.

    If anyone has built a custom display case for Minis, lets see those PICS!

    Happy collecting,


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    Re: How do you display your .45s?

    I would love an acrylic case for them however for now i just display the on top of my pc desk they look pretty cool. they are surrounding my 12" speeder bike

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    Re: How do you display your .45s?

    I've seen that case that holds nine sabers as well, I think it's on Big Time Comics, but now that there's more than nine I don't know if I would go for it. As for now, like the good Cap'n Spoon here, I've got mine along the top of my PC desk. Only the regulars though - exclusives I keep in their boxes.

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    Re: How do you display your .45s?

    My wife has a curio so I have them in there, I used an acryllic case from an LE as the back "shelf" and have them up there with my Luke ANH EE in the front. I like it.


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