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    Exclamation Tommy Lee Jones comes to Texas in September!

    There is a small toy and comic show coming in September to the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. So small in fact that it would probably escape the notice of most, even locally. However, they have one feature (on Saturday of the show) that will put them on the map, so to speak.

    Tommy Lee Jones (Men in Black, Batman Forever, The Fugitive, etc.) will be making a very rare (and exclusive to this show) autograph appearence at the Universal Collectibles Show. The show runs September 16-18, 2005 with Tommy Lee Jones scheduled to appear for autographs and Q&A on Saturday the 17th only. A convention appearence of this nature is literally unheard of for this particular actor!

    More details will follow as they become available. Mrs. JediCole and I are working closely with the show's promoter and have known of this event for nearly a year, but have had to keep quiet about it until after July.
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    Re: Tommy Lee Jones comes to Texas in September!

    That's an awesome get! I can't make it, but I hope to hear all about how it went.
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    Re: Tommy Lee Jones comes to Texas in September!

    Wow Cole, that's a big score right there . . . I love TLJ, even in his bad movies I still think he's awesome. So far the "biggest" celeb I've met at a show would have to be Val Kilmer.

    If there is any way you could land me a signed 8x10, even personalized to my name, I would be glad to make it worth your while.
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    Re: Tommy Lee Jones comes to Texas in September!


    I am sad to have to report that the September Universal Collectibles Show appears to have been cancelled. There has been NO official announcent to this effect, however a lack of communication on the part of the promoter has led me to this conclusion.

    I have known this show's promoter for over a year, since attending his first ever toy show. It was small, occured on a weekend when rain poured incessantly, and was poorly attended. Yet it had potential and I helped insure that his next one (held in July) was more successful by coaching him on promotions, advertizing, and programming for the event (other than just a dealer's room). As a result I had been party to the arrangements for the show in September for some months and had to keep hush-hush on the details until mid-July. Mrs. JediCole had been working closely with the promoter and would have been writing much of the ad and press release copy as well as designing more effective flyers for distribution for Tommy Lee Jones' scheuled appearance.

    However, in the last two to three weeks he's pulled a disappearing act on us, becoming unreachable by phone or email. No calls or emails have been returned. Despite constant attempts on my part to get some information (positive or negative) about the status of the show, there has been no word. As a result I must conclude that something went wrong and that he is either too embarassed or to scared to admit that the show has been cancelled. Sorry to have to retract the earlier announcement. I was personally looking forward to this event as would have really put this show on the map in the local convention scene!
    "Does the name "Dingo" mean anything to you?" - Jedi Boulton to DingoDad at the October Dallas ComiCon.


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