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    General Obi-Wan (in clone armor)

    Easy custom for a nice looking obi wan in clone armor:

    You need Obi-Wans head, helmet, cape, and weapons from the Sith vs Jedi battle pack, and an AT-TE gunner.

    * Take the gunners head and shoulder strap off
    * Put Obi-Wans head, and cape on (you can secure the skirt around his waist with one of those clear rubber bands that come with you figures)

    That's it. He can really only hold his lance and helmet well, so I would say he's only good for display. You could probably do a much better one with a 41 clone, you would just need to dremmel down the neck-peg to fit Obi's head's smaller hole. I might fire up the old dremmel and try this myself..

    Here's a link to a pic of mine:
    General Obi-Wan (in clone armor)

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    Re: General Obi-Wan (in clone armor)

    That looks really sweet. I don't see why Hasbro dosn't just do taht themselves and card the damn thing. I would love to have the toon version of this figure too.

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    Re: General Obi-Wan (in clone armor)

    Very cool Reefer Shark, i like how complete the clone armor looks on him compared to the way the Sith vs. Jedi pack Obis does. Captain Spoon, i too would love an animated Clone Obi figure. I think it would be a no brainer, it is another version of a core character, and we all know how Hasbro likes to milk the main guys.
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    Re: General Obi-Wan (in clone armor)

    Thanks guys!

    Actually, you could probably make a animated version fairly easily too. You could take the cape and lance from the battle pack, animated clone body, animated Obi Wan head and sabre - kitbash all those guys together.

    The only real challenge would be Obi's head and the clone body b/c Obi's head is a swivel joint, and the clone body has the neck-peg. You'd probably have to dremmel out a hole in Obi's head or something.

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    Re: General Obi-Wan (in clone armor)

    Looking good Reefer! Anyone have a pick of how bad he looks regulary?? I have yet to see him or that pack...
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: General Obi-Wan (in clone armor)

    He's not that bad mastermatt24, its his head sculpt thats a little off. He just looks funny.
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    Re: General Obi-Wan (in clone armor)

    Thanks mastermatt! I'm happy to accept any praise from an artist such as yourself!
    On the Battle-pack Obi-Wan: Obi-Wan himself is not so bad (if you don't mind the peg-holes in his limbs, these are used to hold his armor).

    When you put the General Obi armor on him, he looks like crap. The armor only covers half of each limb, and you don't get the complete look because he has flesh colored hands, and between the armor his tan cloak shows (instead of the black body suit that supposed to be under the clone armor).

    Here's a comparison pic of the battle-pack Obi and my custom:

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    Re: General Obi-Wan (in clone armor)

    Geez, does that Battle Pack armor look cheap on him or what? You definitely improved it by a tenfold margin Reefer. Flippin' sweet!
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Re: General Obi-Wan (in clone armor)

    Quote Originally Posted by Reefer Shark
    When you put the General Obi armor on him, he looks like crap.
    woha... that is horrible. I wont be buying that set at all. Well, maybe on clearence. I do have enough gunners & 41's lying around..
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: General Obi-Wan (in clone armor) make junk look like gold....but were you able to save Anakin?
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