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    Weely Review: Radio-Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler

    Yet again I was out of town on business and simple was unable to post anything. So we'll do the Sandcrawler today and quickly move on to the ITT (which will have its own thread).
    The second and final remote control vehicle Kenner made was the Radio-Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler. Those little brown robed junk dealers drive a hard bargain and even bigger SUV. The Sandcrawler was one of the biggest and most expensive of Kenner vehicles. And it was only available thought 1980. So its a rather rare toy. The features of the Sandcrawler includes an elevator for raising droids in the main bay, a cockpit, and a side panel that folds down for play access to the main bay. The remote control consists of the Sandcrawler moving forward until the button is pushed, then it moves in a backwards arc. A final note is on the box. For '80 Kenner Canada made one in a ESB box.

    This is just an amazing vehicle. The detail is incredible. I just love it. There's very little I dislike about it. About the only thing is the hinge on the side door, its too weak and wasn't built to last. The radio control is limited in it's control, but I'm fine with it.

    This wasn't a toy I even knew about as a kid. And like most I never had it as a kid. I bought mine off eBay in the summer of 2000. Unbeknownst to me it didn't come with the latter. But I did find one for cheap two years later, so I've done one of the impossible fates in collecting.
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    Re: Weely Review: Radio-Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler

    Put me down on the list of kids who never knew these existed. I've never even seen one in person, though I will not consider my vintage collection complete until I have one.

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    Re: Weely Review: Radio-Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler

    This looked like a really cool toy, would have been nice to see it in person.
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    Re: Weely Review: Radio-Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler

    I knew it existed, and I even saw one, but never got to see what it looked like up close or inside. I wanted EVERY Star Wars toy, but for some reason I just figured I'd never get this one. It's too high on the secondary market for my tastes right now (as if it'll go down later... ).
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    Re: Weely Review: Radio-Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler

    I remember seeing the RC Sandcrawler in the Kenner mini-catalogs and wishing I had one. It looked a lot better than the cardboard 'crawler that came with the Land of the Jawas playset. Those cardboard playsets looked like crap after a few years.

    I did get an RC Sandcrawler later on, in the waning days of the vintage line. My dad came home one evening with a cardboard box full of Star Wars stuff that he bought at Goodwill during his lunchbreak. I had most of the stuff in the box already, but there was an RC Sandcrawler in there. It didn't come with the remote, but I think the vehicle itself was complete.

    One of the main reasons I bought the OTC Sandcrawler was to have one of these new. Of course, the new version isn't an R/C, but it looks pretty cool.
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