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    Budget Cuts in Imperial Spending

    So, I'm sure we all enjoyed the OT stormtroopers....sand troopers, snow troopers, biker scouts, tie fighters (even Luke and Solo enjoyed imperial wear)......well, at least I loved them all. And each new movie introduced a new armored trooper!

    But why are there so many troopers in the PT? And so many colors? Did the empire make budget cuts with the creation of the death star? Or was it decided that during the rebellion white was the best color for all things battle wear?

    And don't give me the, "they're in the clone wars in the PT and since they are in different environments they get custom battle gear?" Because the civil war with the rebellion (OT) is on several planets too and the troopers there are just as busy in that war as the clones in AOTC and ROTS.....

    Don't get me wrong, all troopers PT and OT make great toys....I'm just unsold on the shift in color between trilogies....
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    Re: Budget Cuts in Imperial Spending

    if you don't remember in ep3 palpatine said he was going to realign his new empire. plus in ep2 the color schemes stood for ranks, in ep3 the color schemes stood for different battalions and only commanders af those battalion got the cool gear. plus in reading the books they all hinted to palpatine finally cloning others other than jango to help supply his army with more troops. once he done that, he probably went to one color that all awsome white to maintain control. which was what he wanted anyway. either way as star wars history progresses his armies needed to make changes with the threat. going from the separatists to rebellioners.


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    Re: Budget Cuts in Imperial Spending

    Also I'm sure over the years the Empire realized that having so many specialized troopers was a waste of time when you could impart a little bit of all of them into a single trooper.
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    Re: Budget Cuts in Imperial Spending

    While I think its cool to see so many different looking troops it would be cheaper for Palps just to have the plain old white armored troopers. Yes there are some variations based on climate but that would still be cheaper then camo, blue, orange etc.

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    Re: Budget Cuts in Imperial Spending

    They started making troops pay union dues, because of this they had to unite under 1 design.. all white armor.

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    Re: Budget Cuts in Imperial Spending

    Ep2 The Colors Were Do Not Want To Be Showing To Everyone Who The Commander Is.ep3 The Colors Were Different Legions Under Jedi Commanders.since No More Jedi They Fall Unddr Palpatine. Ep4 Palps Wanted Everyone To Know They Are All His And Plain To See And Make Feared Through The Galaxie.just A Thought Also Is That Ep3 The Clones Are Army Versions Not Ot They Seem To Be Navy Version Of Stormtroopers.

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    Re: Budget Cuts in Imperial Spending

    Palpatine had to put up with a mounting debt so some luxuries like paint and good armor were tossed to the wayside to save some money. Money he promptly spent on wine, women, and song.

    Wouldnt it be something if Lucas went back into the OT and had color marks and stuff added on to the troopers in order to keep that form of continuity within his set of movies? I wouldnt put it past him.
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    Re: Budget Cuts in Imperial Spending

    I don't think its that much of a continuity issue that the OT troopers don't have the colored armor, I just think it was a simple way to reduce costs and streamline the troopers. I wouldn't shock me if Lucas would add color marks but I don't really think he will, and for that matter I hope he doesn't.

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    Re: Budget Cuts in Imperial Spending

    Honestly, I just think it is a new spin on old characters. In the story there could be hundreds of explinations to deal with the colors of troops. But I think it is just reverse history.

    People forget that the movies weren't made in order. The new trilogy was taking 20 year old designs and adding some "bounce" to them. Why no colors on the OT stormies? In the context of story I would guess because there was a more uniform attitude in the new empire. In reality, it was a new fresh spin on very old characters. It is one of those things that if you think about them to hard it will make less and less sense.
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