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  • 41-44 (Neimoidian wave)

    259 46.25%
  • 45-47 (Tarkin wave)

    108 19.29%
  • 48-50 (Mustafar Anakin wave)

    177 31.61%
  • 51-53 (Zett Jukassa wave)

    180 32.14%
  • 54-56 (Obi-Wan Pilot wave)

    172 30.71%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Re: What ROTS Figures Are You Caught Up To?

    I'm good through #50, with all varients (sans the blue Palpy, Sith eyes Ani, and black Pilot... I gues that there's a varient with #54, so I guess that's on my list of not haves too). Also, I have #54 & 55...

    I desperately need #51, 52, 53, 56, and varients that I listed above as not having.
    I know that I'll never find the blue Palpy, unless I'm willing to pay an arm and leg for it... and I'm so completely against the secondary market that I can live without it.

    I am getting frustrated....

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    Re: What ROTS Figures Are You Caught Up To?

    I'm caught up through #53 (just found them yesterday) except I missed the Tarkin wave (tarkin and two senators). I have all the variants (blue and red guard, shocktrooper variant, black clone pilot, both wookie warrior colors, blue saber palp, green clone commander, eye variant #28 anakin, and both dooku saber variant anakin #2 (red and pink Dooku sabers).

    Things get here pretty slowly... but they usually do show up at some point.

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    Re: What ROTS Figures Are You Caught Up To?

    I am finally getting sick of all of this, why did it take my so long, like an addiction I am finally beating, think I may donate all my toys to needy kids come xmas

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    Re: What ROTS Figures Are You Caught Up To?

    I found the Utapaun Warrior wave this weekend at Target, bought him and left the others behind. Also they had a few Obi-Wan Pilots and Anakin Evolution sets (I bought one of these).
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    Exclamation Re: What ROTS Figures Are You Caught Up To?

    Well Im up to 56. Can anyone tell me about the tarkin wave? I got lucky but my friends didnt get so lucky. Is it a rare wave?? I also got all the varients. Anikin, clone pilot, etc... Although its been a tuff find. The pilot was the hardest. Hopefully everyone will get what they need. I wish I could help you all. I have been very lucky to see up to 56. I do help my friends that collect as much as I can. Thats what collecting is all about right. having fun with others and helping them get what they need.
    May the force be with you.........always!!

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    Re: What ROTS Figures Are You Caught Up To?

    I just found all I needed tonight and am caught up completely.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Re: What ROTS Figures Are You Caught Up To?

    I have seen every wave but the Tarkin wave. I am getting very choosy about what figures I want--I passed both on Zett Jukasa and Captain Antilles last weekend, as well as the Obi-Wan Pilot, Electronic R2-D2, the Super Poseable Clone, Wookie Warrior and Destroyer Droid--all from the latter waves. The Mustafar Sentry, Senator Tillis and the Utapaun Warrior are the three that are left that I want to get.
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    Re: What ROTS Figures Are You Caught Up To?

    Found some stashed AT-RT drivers a few minutes ago.. so now all I need is that damn Tarkin wave. Are they reissuing it?
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: What ROTS Figures Are You Caught Up To?

    I found the Tarkin Wave today sans Tarkin himself, also got Green and Red Clone Commanders and Mustafar Anakin and Commander Bacara.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!


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