All 56 of Hasbro's basic Revenge of the Sith line have been released, not including the 12 repaints that will be coming soon. However, that doesn't mean we've all found the figures we want yet, figures after #44 haven't been as easy to come by so far for all of us. So this week's poll is asking you guys which figures you have found as of right now, the voting will be done by a rough breakdown of case assortments and this is a multiple-choice poll so vote for all the ones you've found in stores.

By the way, here's what is in each of those waves...

41-44 (Neimoidian wave)
Super Poseable Clone Trooper
Neimoidian Warrior
Wookiee Warrior
Destroyer Droid

45-47 (Tarkin wave)
Governor Tarkin
Senator Ask Aak
Senator Meena Tillis

48-50 (Mustafar Anakin wave)
Electronic R2-D2
Commander Bacara
Mustafar Anakin

51-53 (Zett Jukassa wave)
Captain Antilles
Zett Jukassa
Utapaun Warrior

54-56 (Obi-Wan Pilot wave)
AT-RT Driver
Obi-Wan Pilot
Mustafar Sentry