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    Luke Evolutions Set?

    With the relatively well-received Anakin Evolutions set that has 2 Anakin figures which are only a couple years apart from each other, I was thinking that maybe we could finally get some truly incredible Luke figures that are just good without gimmicks or crappy sculpts. Luke being the hero of the OT and all deserves better than what we've gotten so far. I'd like to see super-articulated versions of these: Luke X-wing with a better body and head sculpt, Luke Bespin with a better head, and Luke ROTJ with removable vest and Endor poncho & helmet, and cloak.
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    Re: Luke Evolutions Set?

    I can't agree or disagree more....I HATE the Anakin Evolutions and the Sith Evolutions looks just as bad. I can't figure how everyone seems to love these sets.....

    But I LOVE the ideas of the Evolutions sets....I just think the execution was crappy.

    A Luke Evolutions set would be great if the sculpts were better and gimmicks were left in the trashed-idea can. Luke is afterall the great OT hero....and I'd argue since Lucas says the two sagas form one great story, the hero of the entire Skywalker fable.....but I digress....
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    Re: Luke Evolutions Set?

    Luke evolutions would be cool but what if they did an EU type box. They could get some artist renderings and do Luke (around 8 or 10 years old) (and later have a Biggs kid on card to match!) Then do a Post ROTJ Jedi LUke then do an older Luke with grey hair and stuff I think that would be cool. I really don't need another Dagobah or frigg'n Tatooine luke.

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    Re: Luke Evolutions Set?

    It's definitely a good idea JT. I like the idea of these Evolutions and really hope Hasbro expands on it by going to OT characters. As for your choices for the Luke one I also agree with them. They are both long overdue sculpts and show a good range of years.
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    Re: Luke Evolutions Set?

    That is a great idea. It is really an evolution too, going from Moisture Farmer to Jedi Knight. I would hope to get great sculpts of Luke individually carded, but Im sure that we'd see them being rehashed anyways. So it would be a win win if they could pull it off. Really, you could do an evolution from each movie, b/c it sort of breaks down.

    ANH-Moisture Farmer to Rebel Hero (Tatooine, Stormtrooper, Rebel Pilot)
    ESB-Rebel Hero to Jedi In Training (Hoth, Dagobah Training, Bespin Duel)
    ROTJ-Jedi In Training to Jedi Knight(Tattoine Battle, Endor, DSII Duel)

    I think they would work out great, but if you could combind them w/ all their accessories (i.e. ROTJ Luke w/ removable tatooine vest, endor poncho and helmet) then it truly would be an amazing set.

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    Re: Luke Evolutions Set?

    I would be very, very happy with either this or with a "Jedi Warriors" Evolutions set that includes SA Qui-Gon Jinn w/ removable cloak and poncho; SA Mace Windu w/ removable robe, both lightsabers (TPM blue and AOTC/ROTS purple), and removable arm; and Jedi Luke w/ removable cloak and 3 interchangeable hands (gloved, ungloved, and battle damaged).
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    Re: Luke Evolutions Set?

    There are so many sets that jump out, but a Luke Skywalker Evolutions set jumps out the most. I cant see Hasbro NOT doing this set. I just cant.

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    Re: Luke Evolutions Set?

    I would make mine Luke farm boy outfit, Dagobah traiing and a DS2 with poncho and helmet foir the Endor scenes.
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    Re: Luke Evolutions Set?

    I think this is a great idea too...

    I would chose Luke Moisture farmer (Super articualted and with poncho), Luke X-Wing pilot (with removable helmet, and hoses, etc...), Luke Jedi Knight (the one that ROTJLuke keeps asking for)
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    Re: Luke Evolutions Set?

    I think it would make a good set. I'd buy it
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